Piglin bases can be pretty big, especially in late game.

Regular camps are easy to take. With just a few structures and piglin towers, conquering them is easy even without any advanced combat mechanics.

Though, a real piglin base is a structure to behold. They can be pretty intimidating to fight, so in this article we will help you take down their walls and infiltrate them easier.

Difference Between Outposts And Bases

There’s a distinct difference between the different piglin bases you can find on the Minecraft Legends map. They all mainly vary in size and you need to understand what you can take on.

A piglin outpost is a small piglin base that can be found practically everywhere. To see them on your map you will have to zoom in.

These are usually mining outposts that don’t pose a large threat. You can destroy them much easier and use them to farm up prismarine, lapis, and gold.

A piglin base is marked by a nether portal icon on the map. In the campaign you will have 9 of them to conquer. There are small, medium, and large piglin bases.

The medium and large bases are the ones which will be giving you the most problems. This is where sieging and getting through their walls and gates gets difficult.

Getting Close to the Enemy Base

A large enemy base like this is going to have a lot of netherrack all around it. This is pretty much the edge of the piglin territory and you won’t be able to build anything on this ground.

This is why you might need to start your siege at the edge, preferably near a healing stone. Building a wellhouse is also important.

Before you charge the base with your troops, you will want to get closer and do some damage from afar.

Using cure netherrack you can push back some of the nether ground. This will allow you to build closer to the walls of the camp, but be careful not to get too close.

Building too close can alert nearby piglins that roam around and they can destroy your structures before they’re finished. You will lose your resources that way, so be sure to find a good middle ground.

Destroying Walls and Gates

The most important thing you will want to build is a redstone launcher.

A redstone launcher is a structure which you operate by yourself to launch TNT at the piglin structures. It will fire several projectiles in the direction you aim, before going on cooldown.

You can use this to destroy walls and gates that may be hard to reach for your troops, before attacking.

Having a tower or two around the launcher is a good idea.

I always build a mini siege base just a little ways inside the piglin base. With a tower to protect me and my spawners and a carpenter’s hut to repair my structures just in case, I can get a few free hits on the enemy, before they can react.