The fights in Minecraft Legends are not all going to take place in a single village or base.

Not to mention, over time your base will grow to be rather big and there’s no way to protect every corner of it efficiently. Until you are able to upgrade your walls, they’ll easily take damage.

Walls and buildings are bound to be damaged or even destroyed. In this tutorial we will show you how to fix your structures in Minecraft Legends and keep your base afloat.

How to Tell When a Building is Damaged

When piglins launch their attacks at night their first targets are going to be your exterior structures; walls, gates, and towers.

These buildings are first to be attacked and go down during an attack. You can tell where the piglins will attack from based off the horn they sound off at the start of the fight, but also by the little piglin banner on your compass.

You can also tell which structure is taking damage, because it’ll glow red when hit.

Buildings that have taken damage will slowly start to “crack”.

Their textures will become more cracked the more damage they take, until they eventually break completely.

Make sure to start fixing your building before they’re destroyed, because you will have to rebuild them again.

How to Fix a Building

You can secure your buildings from being destroyed way before the piglins attack you.

You can’t fix your structures manually. You have to build a carpenter’s hut to fix them. This building will fix any damaged structure within its range overtime.

You’ll likely need more than one hut depending on the size of your base. You can see the range of the hut as you’re placing it down. Anything within the light blue square will be fixed by the hut once it starts taking damage.

The hut won’t only fix your walls and towers, but also villager structures and the village fountain. You can tell which buildings its fixing because they will have white particles shining around them.

Putting more carpenter’s huts in the same zone won’t make the speed of repairs faster.

Upgrading the Carpenter’s Hut

The longer you’re in the game the stronger your enemies will be.

The carpenter’s hut won’t be able to fix even upgraded walls at base speed once your enemy is strong enough. That’s why you also have the expert carpentry improvement.

You will unlock this upgrade once the campaign’s difficulty increases. It can only be built at the Well of Fortune.

To build it you will need:

  • 200 stone
  • 200 prismarine
  • 50 gold

Not only will it make the repair speed 100% faster, but your structures will also be built faster by 50%. This will greatly help you during your sieges and if you need to quickly build defenses.

What to do Next

Having structures at full health is only one part of combat in Minecraft Legends. You will need to master a lot more than building walls and towers.

Our advanced combat mechanics guide will show you how to properly command your troops in battle and help you get better at combat.