If you’re involved in crafting, Linen is a fairly common item in New World.

Linen is a tier 2 resource of the Cloth category that is refined by using your Weaving crafting skill at a Loom Station.

Linen is used for crafting Head Armor, Chest Armor, Hands Armor, Legs Armor, Foot Armor, Amulets, Rings, Earrings, and Bags.

Since this is an item that is often needed when you want to forge protective gear, the demand for Linen is generally high.

If you want to know where to get Linen in New World, this is the guide that you were looking for.

Craft Linen at a Loom Station

Linen is not a resource that you can find by exploring the island and gathering from plants. You have to make your own Linen. For that reason, you must have the Tier 1 Ingredients that are needed to make it.

Linen is made by using your Weaving crafting skill at a Looming Station. To make a unit of Linen, you need 4 Fibers.

Alternatively, you can also make 2 Linen by using 3 Weak Solvents and 2 Sateen units.

Where to Get Fiber

Fibers are reasonably abundant in New World if you know where to gather them. There are always some hemp plants around — as long as you’re in the correct Biome — but there are regions with many of them.

My favorite place to gather Fibers is near Windsward Town. Check on your map the Grenville. To the north and west of the name, right across that river, is where you will find lots of hemp plants.

There is plenty of Hemp to the north of Primrose and to the southwest of Castle Windsward. A quick run looking for Hemp in that area will grant you hundreds of Fibers. And they do not take long to respawn, so you can keep running in circles until you have as much as you need.

If you’re not around Windsward, you will need to learn where to get fibers, but this is not a hard ingredient to find. Just make sure that you look for those plants when you’re in a Forest or a Grassland.

You might have noticed by now that you will be doing a lot of harvesting so you can craft the Linen you want. This is not the fastest way to level up harvesting in New World — because there are better routes — but it certainly helps.

Buying Linen at a Trading Post

The Trading Post is always an alternative if you don’t want to spend the time looking for specific plants in specific biomes so you can farm what you want.

Many players know that they have more patience than others when it comes to gathering, and they will take advantage of that to make some gold.

Luckily, it’s likely that many players will try to do the same, which often drives the prices down.

You can check the prices of both Fiber and Linen to see if it’s worth buying it instead of making a thirty minutes long run to gather some plants and then craft them.

Final Thoughts

It really isn’t that complicated to get some Linen in New World. Gather some Fibers and make it yourself, or just buy some from another player who has gathered too much of it.

Gathering Fiber will help you level up your Weaving Skill by making Linen.