Having troubles finding sheep in New World? It is common for players to get lost at times and the map tooltips do not help that much.

There are common areas that spawn a lot of sheep to farm for the quest. While you may find one every now and then, you still need the best areas to find sheep since you will most likely need more than 1.

This short guide will show you the best area where to find sheep in New World so you do not have to deal with other players stealing from each other.

What Do You Need Sheep For?

Sheep are needed mostly for Town Missions. These are found in the town board or the hall. They also give you meat to level up your cooking while giving you some Rawhides your Leatherworking skill.

You only get a tiny amount of skill up for skinning sheep but, you are probably just finishing the Town Mission. Finishing Town Missions along with Faction Missions is the main way of leveling up fast in New World.

You will need to cycle through these Town Missions and you can end up getting the sheep culling mission again. After finding the area to find sheep, you just need to remember it since you will surely get this mission again in the future.

What Do You Get From Skinning Sheep?

If you are thinking of getting wool, you are smart but, you are wrong. You will be getting Rawhides and Red Meats instead.

Rawhides can get you Leather which will be needed for a lot of things in Leatherworking. Since sheep are easy to farm because it only takes 1 hit from literally anything, it will be easy to farm some Rawhides in an area where there is a lot of sheep spawns.

For Red Meats, it will be used for crafting rations. It is crucial to have some rations when leveling especially if you are not using a Life Staff for leveling. This is the main way of healing yourself in between battles.

Why is it Hard to Find Sheep?

The main reason you are not finding any sheep is because you are in the wrong area. Most players will start in Windsward as it is the starting area.

Some players will switch to other areas to level up faster and avoid a ton of players leveling in the same area. If you are trying to level up in Windsward, it will be hard to find sheep because there are not any good spawns around here. You will need to find another area to farm those sheep.

Best Place to Farm Sheep

The best place to farm sheep is in Everfall. Go to the highlands terrain in the Stonereach mountains. Follow the road near the settlement and you should find a couple of sheep here.

Keep following the road until you find more sheep. In the picture above, there should be at least 6 sheep spawns there. They should respawn quickly if you just circle around those spawns.

If there are a lot of players farming the same thing, it is either you do something else and make yourself efficient or, keep following the road on top of the settlement. There are a few more sheep spawns on top.