There are a number of reasons why you need to find Gemstone Rough in New World.

The first time you’ll need to get your hands on this elusive item is when completing quests near the start of the game.

In fact, you’ll need to find rough gemstones in order to get into a faction — one of the three armies you can choose to be a part of for PvP action and additional other non-PvP missions.

But plenty of people are running into the same issue: where on earth do you find Gemstone Rough?

Well, the actual answer is pretty simple, although you’ll still need to put in a bit of work to get them and you’ll need to be ready for combat, too.

Where do you find Gemstone Rough?

The first place you need to navigate to is Cooper’s Ranch, a fairly low-level landmark in Windsward. You’ll need to make sure you can beat level 8 and level 10 enemies in this landmark, or at least be playing with friends that can help you in fights.

A common misconception, perhaps due to playing other games, is that you can collect New World Gemstone Rough from mining boulders or other objects. Sadly, this isn’t true.

coopers ranch map

You’ll see the area you need to be in on the map above.

Once you’re in the Cooper’s Ranch landmark area, you’ll need to begin searching through all of the buildings, houses, and huts for supply crates.

In every supply crate you find, you’ll find one Gemstone Rough — and you probably need at least 7 of them, assuming you’re on the same quest that every other beginner player faces at the beginning of New World.

coopers ranch houses

The bad news is there’s a maximum of one supply crate in each house and they don’t respawn, but the good news is you will find a Gemstone Rough in every supply crate.

Because the area is fairly large and there are a lot of houses that look the same, my advice is to carefully go through each building one-by-one and mentally check each one off as you go. You should find a supply crate in most of them. That’s one good way to collect gemstone rough in New World.

Some of the houses don’t appear to have a door but they often have stairs on the outside of the building and if you go up them, you’ll find a door upstairs and probably a supply crate too.

Beware though, aggressive NPCs will spawn at a frequent rate around Cooper’s Ranch, including inside the buildings. Make sure you take proper precaution in this area if you’re a low level player.

It’s always good to have food on hand when visiting a landmark so that you can replenish health.

When you’re done at Cooper’s Ranch, you can run just 100m away to the Broad Fishing Hotspot to do some fishing or acquire tadpole.