The New World Sandpaper is one of the crucial resources you need for Woodworking. You will need a lot of it when it comes to refining logging resources.

Think of the Coarse Sandpaper as an added resource you need to farm every time you go out to get logging resources.

Coarse Sandpaper can be challenging to obtain, and this guide will help you by showing you where to get Coarse Sandpaper in New World and farm lots of it.

What is Coarse Sandpaper Used For?

New World Coarse Sandpaper is used to refine Aged Wood to Lumber and any other logging resource above that tier. If you start leveling your logging skills up, you will find yourself with a surplus of resources like Green Wood, Aged Wood, and Wyrdwood.

Your Coarse Sandpaper supply will never keep up with the supply of your logging resources. It would be best if you always tried to find Coarse Sandpaper whatever you are doing.

The Coarse Sandpaper will also be indirectly needed to craft good weapons. It is required to refine the logging resources mentioned above. These refined logging resources are used to craft the highest-tier weapons in the game.

How to Get Coarse Sandpaper

Supply Chests, Stockpiles, Coffers, and Treasures

If you’re wondering how to get Sandpaper in New World, it’s pretty straightforward. While there might be more names out there for resource containers, you will be able to get Coarse Sandpaper by opening these types of containers. They are commonly found in points of interest locations or small villages where missions and quests can be finished.

Most of these areas contain more than three supply chests depending on the size. However, your main problem would be the drop rate. Seeing as almost anything can be inside the supply crate, it will be hard to farm purely Coarse Sandpaper.

From a couple of hours of experimentation, the drop rate is quite decent. You can get Coarse Sandpaper as the highest percentage along with Weak Solvent, Sand Flux, Tannin, and Crossweave.

It might be purely based on luck, but villages closer to the settlement have never been good for Sandpaper farming. I tend to get them more in areas where the recommended level is above 20.

Areas or landmarks below the recommended level of 20 usually drop more Sand Flux, Weak Solvent, and Tannin inside the containers.

These items are still good to have and will be talked about later.

Trading Post

You can almost buy everything from the Trading Post, including the Coarse Sandpaper. However, it will most likely be expensive to buy in bulk.

Since most players will benefit more from buying the raw resources and doing their crafting to level up, purchasing the Coarse Sandpaper will help them level their Woodworking skills.

You can do this as well if you can buy the Coarse Sandpaper at a low price. Use the sell order as frequently as possible if you want to be thrifty about it.

Crafting Coarse Sandpaper

Yes, this basic raw material can also be crafted. There are a few requirements you would need.

First, you need to join a faction and gain reputation to reach the Scrivener faction rank. Second, you will need to grind your faction tokens by completing faction missions. Third, you need a minimum Woodworking skill of 50 to craft it from the station.

Your goal would be to unlock and purchase the Common Material Converter from your faction representative or vendor and craft as many as you can.

After purchasing the Common Material Converter, you can go to the Woodworking station and craft the Coarse Sandpaper you need.

Final Thoughts

Even if you are not interested in leveling your Woodworking or Furnishing skills, it is still a good idea to keep looting supply chests when you are close to a landmark. This might seem tedious but, that is what makes it profitable too.

Most of the players can mindlessly farm resources but, they would never think of grinding as many supply chests as possible. This will eventually lead to a high demand in Weak Solvent, Tannin, Coarse Sandpaper, and Sand Flux.

They are pretty essential, and you can make a lot of coins just farming supply chests when you are near one. It is a good tip for your financials in New World.