Whether a pack of wolves suddenly jumped on you or you accidentally entered an area far more dangerous than you expected, you are going to need some health back. Healing items will most likely be the one thing that can help you stay alive for long enough to run away.

Since the beginning of the game, New World will teach you how to turn Raw Meet into Pork, and not long after that, you will be making rations for a modest instant heal and some regeneration.

However, what about when that isn’t enough? That’s when we go for health potions. These are the go items for when you need a portion of your Health back instantly — either because you aren’t done with the fight or because you know you will get hit before escaping.

So, if you’re wondering where to find, buy, or make Weak Health Potions in New World, this guide is precisely what you’re looking for.

Crafting Potions

Arcane Repository 1

That’s the obvious answer, you can always craft your own potions in New World due to this game’s design having a noticeable focus on pushing the players into making their own stuff.

Just like when you need to craft anything else, you must first go to the correct crafting station. In this case, players need to go to an Arcane Repository or a Campfire in order to craft Health Potions.

Required Ingredients and Skills

When it comes to ingredients, all you need is one Water and one Tier 1 Medicinal Reagent, so you will need to know how to get fresh water in New World. There is no Arcana Skill requirement, so you can have a Level 0 Arcane Skill and still be able to craft Weak Health Potions.

Note that you can click on the Tier 1 Medicinal Reagent to select a different one — which is useful in case you don’t want to spend a resource you don’t have much of.

When it comes to the needed reagents, there are a few options, like Hyssop or Bulrush Cop, so make sure to pay attention to the plants when you’re traveling, especially near rivers or lakes.

Once you’re done with that, select the number of potions you want to make and click on Craft. Now you have some Weak Health Potions.

Buying Potions at The Trading Post

Not everybody has the patience or dedication for crafting, and there are those who might have it, but do not have the time.

Maybe you just want to go on an adventure with your friends and have no time to craft potions, but you managed to sell a Spear you were never going to use and now you have some coins but no ingredients.

Whatever the reason, there is a solution for those who can’t craft their own potions, the Trading Post.

From there, you can look for Healing Potions or any other kind of potion that you want and buy it. Plenty of players are making lesser items to gather experience, so items like Weak Health Potions and Weak Mana Potions should not be expensive.

When visiting the Market, I could buy four or five Health Potions with a single coin, so if you’re thinking about getting a bunch for the trading post, you should be fine. Just make sure you store your items so you have some space left before you do that.

However, Common Potions are already much more expensive. When you start needing those, you might want to think about crafting your own.

Making Better Potions

There is much more to craft potions than Weak Health Potions. With time, after crafting a bunch of these lesser healing items, you might start going for Common Health Potions, or even for Strong Health Potions, but that’s just on the healing items side.

There are Mana potions, Focus Potions that get you back both Mana and Health Points, Coatings that you apply to weapons for damage bonuses and other effects.

If you’re rocking an Intelligence or Focus Build with Gauntlets or Staffs, there are magic items for you to craft here as well. The good part about building your character like a wizard and being into crafting potions is the fact that your crafting skill for healing items and weapons is the same.

Final Tips and Thoughts

Weak Health Potions are fairly easy to craft since the ingredients are not hard to find at all. Besides, being easy to make causes them to be very cheap, so you can just buy a bunch of those if you don’t feel like hunting Medicinal Reagents.

Making your own stuff is the most advantageous way to acquire the potions you need, apparently. Still, buying some from time to time — at least during lower levels — won’t make you instantly poor.