Earthspines are hard to locate because there are only a few of them that spawn if you are not in the perfect location. Earthspine Stems will be needed in high amounts if you are looking to craft a certain type of potion.

This guide will show you where to get Earthspine Stems in New World efficiently while also telling you what they are usually used for.

What Are Earthspine Stems Used For?

Earthspine Stems are acquired through gathering Earthspines. They are Tier 2 Reagents for leveling up your Arcana skill. You do this by crafting potions every time you have the materials for it.

It is a great way to level up Arcana skills from 50 to 70 if you have a lot of these resources. They act the same as other magical plants in the game.

Most of them are used the same way in crafting protection potions. You can also get Earthspine Leaf as a rare drop from harvesting these Earthspines. It is a Tier 3 Protective Reagent used for higher-tier potions.

While those are the only uses for these resources, the aim would be leveling up your Arcana skill to unlock the best staves and ice gauntlets from the Arcana crafting tree.

Earthspine Stems Location

Earthspine Loot

As a low-level character progressing, there are already a few nodes located near Windsward. You need at least 30 harvesting skills to gather these and it is easily achievable early on. You can follow our fastest way to level harvesting skill guide and you will see a few of these on our best farming routes.

If you want purely Earthspine Stems, we located the area with the most Earthspine spawns which are conveniently located near Windsward as well.

Best Farming Route

Earthspine Nodes Location

The picture above shows the most Earthspine spawns that are all clumped together. They are still far apart if you plan on going to each one. You would eventually finish each rotation in 18-20 minutes because you can get easily lost.

There are a lot of enemies in the area as well and it is near the Windsward settlement which would mean that players would be roaming these areas frequently.

You can adjust the route and do some quests as well to level up faster. Since you have a ton of quests and missions to do, you can open your map and track objectives near the area. Be as efficient as you can so that you will be grinding less later on.