Green Wood is probably the most abundant and most common resource in New World aside from getting Fresh Water. While it is easy to get, you will need a ton of it because of crafting.

This guide will show you where to find Green Wood in New World and get tons of it fast while leveling up your gathering skills and crafting skills.

If you already know where to get Green Wood, you might be looking for the best area to farm it fast.

What is Green Wood Used For?

Green Wood is used for multiple things. The most obvious one would be crafting items with it. However, it is also needed to set up a campfire in the wild.

You will always need a few Green Wood in your inventory but, since it is easy to get, you can just farm it instead of bringing some with you every time you go out of the settlement.

Campfires are useful for saving time and setting up a crafting table to cook healing items such as rations.

If you are wondering where do you get a Harvesting Sickle to harvest that plant beside you, you can whip up a campfire and craft it. This works for other gathering tools as well. In case some of your tools break and you do not have any Repair Parts left, you can craft one instead.

The largest consumer for Green Wood would be crafting it for Timber. Since Timber is used to craft a ton of things for all trade skills, you will be needing a lot of Green Wood.

You also use Timber for crafting furniture to decorate your house. It is not easy to buy a house as it will cost you a lot of money for only a slight benefit. If you are fond of decorating, you can start crafting furniture by leveling up your Furnishing in the Workshop.

Where to Get Green Wood

Harvesting Bushes

As you might have seen from the tutorial quests, there are a ton of bushes in literally every area in New World. You do not need a Harvesting Sickle to gather these and you will get a lot of Green Wood from harvesting these bushes.

You can also get some other resources such as Woodlouse Bait when gathering bushes.

Young Trees

The best way to farm a ton of Green Wood is through logging. With a Logging Axe equipped, you can easily chop down trees by pressing “E” on the trees near you. Thicker and larger trees will give you more Green Wood but it will take a lot longer to chop down.

It depends on the current tier of your Logging Axe. You can upgrade it once you get better metal to craft the higher tier. Depending on the size of the Young Tree, you can get 4-20 Green Wood. Mature Trees will require at least 50 Logging skills to chop down.

Since Green Wood will be needed to refine any higher-tier logging resources, you will need tons of them. It is a great idea to farm Green Wood even if you are trying to level your logging skills up. Even if your logging skills are above 100, you should still benefit from chopping down Young Trees for Green Wood.

Best Place to Get Green Wood

For the best place to farm green wood in New World, go near the starting area in Windsward. Just outside of the first settlement, you will see a ton of trees outside with a lot of bushes in between them. The reason why this is the best is that it is near the settlement too.

When you start farming Green Wood in bulk, it will encumber you incredibly fast. Each Green Wood weighs 0.2 of your total carrying capacity. You can easily go back to the settlement to store your resources and get back to farming.

You can level your Harvesting skill while you are doing this to be more efficient. There are a few Hemp nodes in those areas in the picture. This is great as a starting point for your gathering skills. You will get to unlock the next tier of resources after farming this for a few hours.

There are a few other New World young tree farm spots across the map but those aren’t anywhere as good as the above-mentioned farming spot.