Rawhides are one of the most basic resources for Leatherworking. They are also used in other trade classes like Engineering.

If you like crafting, you will need a lot of these to supply your crafts. On the bright side, Rawhides are easily obtainable. You just need to find the best New World rawhide farm spot in the game.

This guide will show you where to get Rawhide in New World and teach you what they are used for as you may need the best farming spot to get a lot of it.

What Are Rawhides Used For?

Rawhides are the basic materials needed in Leatherworking. They are turned to Coarse Leather which is used to make better gathering tools, armor, and a lot of different crafts.

They are needed in high amounts if you are looking to craft these items. You can also sell them in the trading post to make money.

Other than crafting, you can also use them to finish Town Missions. Each settlement offers different Town Missions and some of them require you to turn in a few Rawhides.

These can give you some easy experience points to level up fast and coins for your troubles. These Town Missions are also repeatable you can cycle to another Rawhides mission. If you have a lot in stock, you can easily finish it once you get the task.

How to Get Rawhides

To get Rawhides, you will be needing a skinning knife. This is one of the quests you finished after the tutorial where you crafted a tool on the campfire.

With the skinning knife, you will be able to skin defeated animals. You will be able to obtain Rawhides, meat, and other uncommon resources used for Leatherworking.

These Rawhides drop from the most basic and low-level boars up to wolves, bears, pumas, and sheep. Some of the higher monsters (elemental boars) drop different resources too.

Best Place to Farm Rawhides

The Fury Bay road leading towards the settlement in Windsward is the best place to farm rawhide in New World. This is also the starting area so it will be easy to remember.

In the areas indicated in the picture, there are more than 15 boar spawns and they respawn fast. Why is this the best farming spot? It is solely because of the quantity of the boars you can skin and how easy you can finish them off.

If you are still looking to get Rawhides while you are already above level 20, they should only take around 1-2 shots, and skinning them will be a lot faster.

You can also level up your harvesting skills from 1 to 30 in this area.

For a different route, you can go for wolves. Near the Windsward settlement, there are nearby caves (Inkwell and Dankfur Cave) that spawn the same number of wolves as the boars above. That’s another great place for New World leather farming.

However, there are more active players going in this area to level up their logging skills as it is near the settlement where they can easily store items. On the bright side, you can get some Iron Ores and Silver Ores around this area to level up your mining skills.

Pumas and sheep have a low spawn rate in the starting areas so it would be inefficient to go for these farming spots.