Most receipts that require elemental reagents are used in Arcana Crafting. There is a wide variety of Reagents in New World, and they can be Elemental, Offensive, Medicinal, or of other types.

In New World, you can find Reagents of all tiers, but the elemental ones, like Water Reagents, are of Tier II or higher. This includes Air Reagents, Life Reagents and more.

Water Reagents can be somewhat hard to find, depending on the tier of the item. The higher the tier, the rarer they are.

Besides being important crafting ingredients, they can also be sold on a trading post for gold.

So whether you need them for crafting or selling, we are here to tell you where to get water reagents in New World.

If you are a New World player who is looking for all any kind of Water Reagents and where to find them, you will find a lot of value in this guide!

Every Type of Water Reagent in New World

Water Reagents start at Tier II, and each tier has three different kinds of reagents, except for Tier IV, which has only two.

You can check in the table below every Water Reagent that exists in New World, along with its tiers.

Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5
Water MoteWater WispWater EssenceWater Quintessence
Rivercress StemRivercress LeafRivercress FlowerPiranha Tooth
ToadpotFreezing LodestoneSpinefish Fins

Where to Find Every Water Reagent

Just like any other reagent, some of these ingredients can be crafted from lower-tier Reagents, while others have to be purchased, mined, or harvested from somewhere in Aeternum.

Water Motes

A Water Mote is “a faint Essence of Water” that is used in Alchemy. It’s a tier two Water Reagent that can come from a Rivercress, Springstone, Floating Spinefish, an Alchemy Crate, or an Oil Supply Cart.

Water Motes are necessary for many recipes of Stonecutting, Armoring, Arcana, and even Furnishing.

Rivercress Stems

A Rivercress Stem is a common Alchemy Resource in New World. “Its alchemical properties are especially useful in potion crafting.”

They can be harvested from Rivercress Plants. Besides being a Water Reagent, it’s also an Alchemy Protective Material.


The item Toadpot is defined by the game as “The flesh of a Toadpot mushroom.”

Toadpots are acquired by Harvesting a Toadpot Fungus, but you need your Harvesting Skill to be at level 10 to do it.

Water Wisps

Water Wisps are an uncommon resource that are described by the game as “An Essence of Water.”

Water Wisps can be crafted in Arcana, Armoring, and Stonecutting recipes. You can refine five Water Motes and turn them into a Water Wisp — which might be a good way to level up Arcana quickly in New World.

Rivercress Leaves

The Rivercress Leaf is an Uncommon Tier III resource used in Arcana. According to the in-game text, “Its alchemical properties are especially useful in potion crafting.”

You can harvest them from Rivercress plants. Some of the monsters that can drop Rivercress Leaves when you take them down are the Grotto’s Thorn, the Genesis Beast, and the Morphian.

Freezing Lodestones

A Freezing Lodestones is an uncommon Alchemy Protective Material and also a Tier III Water Reagent in New World.

You get Freezing Lodestones from a Boulder called Springstone. In order to mine it, you must have your Mining Skill at level 50. Mining a Springstone gives you 158 Mining Experience Points.

Water Essence

A Water Essence is a rare, Tier IV Water Reagent in New World that is used in Alchemy. According to the game, it’s “a powerful Essence of Water.”

If your Arcana skill is at Level 75, you can craft Water Essences by combining four Water Wisps.

Rivercress Flower

The Rivercress Flower is another Water Reagent that is used in Arcana. It is also a Protective Reagent, and — according to the in-text game — it is especially useful in potion crafting.

This is a Tier IV rare resource that, just like Rivercress Leaves, can be harvested from Rivercress plants. Some of the monsters that can drop this resource when defeated are the Dryad Bear, the Swamp Archer, and the Unstable Swamp Fiend.

Water Quintessence

Water Quintessence is an Epic resource in New World that is defined by the in-game text as “a pure Essence of Water.”

Water Quintessences can be crafted at a Tier 5 Arcane Repository as long as you have three Water Essences and an Arcana Skill at Level 125.

It can be used in Stonecutting, Armoring, and Arcana. Some of the items that require Water Quintessence to be crafted are the Pristine Aquamarine, Powerful Oakflesh Balm, and the Crystalline Curse.

Piranha Tooth

A Piranha Tooth is an Alchemy Offensive Material and a Water Reagent of Tier V in New World.

In order to acquire a Piranha Tooth, players must first fish a piranha and salvage it. Once the fish is salvaged, players will receive fish guts, and they have a chance to get some Piranha Teeth.

If you intend to get some Piranha Teeth, you might want to first learn where to get rare fish in New World.

Spinefish Fins

Spinefish Fins are Epic, Tier V alchemy resources in New World.

Players can get Spinefish Fin by harvesting a Floating Spinefish. A Floating Spinefish respawns within 17 to 25 minutes after being harvested.

Using the Trading Post

If you don’t know the basics on how to use the Trading Post, you might want to check first how to use the Trading Post in New World.

There are many water reagents that can be found when players are finishing their quests, and many of those players don’t have a use for lower-tier reagents or even don’t know how to use them.

This often results in Water Reagents being put for sale at a reasonable price, and you might just find out that sometimes it’s cheaper to just buy some reagents than going on an expedition to find the one thing you need and possibly spend potions and rations in the process.

So whenever you need a few items to complete your recipe, you might want to check their cost in a Trading Post before spending your items and Azoth to farm water reagents.