Fibers can be tricky to find in New World as a lot of people can also farming for them.

They are easy to spot but they are often being harvested already and you need to wait for them to respawn.

This guide will show you all of the prime locations for getting Fibers in New World.

You will also learn what they are used for and why players always farm for them.

What Are Fibers Used For?

Fiber Linen

Fibers are used for a lot of things indiscreetly.

They are used to craft Linen which is ultimately used for crafting armor.

The reason you need a lot of Fiber is that 1 Linen needs 4 Fibers to craft. When you get to a higher level and unlock better gears to craft, you will need the next tier of resources.

Fiber Linen Sateen

Since Fibers are used to craft Linen, the next tier (Sateen) would now need 4 Linens to craft one Sateen. If you understand the process now, it will consume hundreds of Fibers to create a good amount of Sateen for crafting.

These are used to level your Weaving Skill past level 50 as well. It will take a lot of grinding since you only get +190 Weaving skill points for each craft but that is just assuming you are only crafting Sateen.

Other than crafting, Fibers are also used to finish town missions. If you happen to find any missions that require you to deliver Fibers, it would be an easy mission to finish and you get easy coins, town reputation, and experience points.

Where is Fiber Harvested?

Hemp Gathering 1

Fibers are harvested from Hemps found across grasslands. They are easily spotted from a distance because they tower over the grass and their pinkish tip can be noticed easily.

Just in the starting area alone near the shipwreck, you will already find Hemp nodes to harvest but you will need to craft a sickle first.

Best Fiber Farming Location

Hemp Nodes Location

For the best farming location, you can check out the spots above for specifically gathering Fibers. However, if you want to be more efficient, you can level up your harvesting skills fast by gathering more than just Hemp.

You can follow our harvesting farming route to get more out of your farming as the routes contain higher tiers of magical plants.

If you want Fibers, just go on top of Perilbrook and follow the spots there. There are a ton of quests and missions here to finish so you can do two things at once when you are farming Fibers. This is a good way of leveling fast in New World.

Since you will be coming in and out of Windsward anyway, just keep track of the 4 locations below the settlement and harvest it every time you are near. If Windsward is heavily populated, most of these will be gathered by other players but, you can always check every time you pass by it.