Searching for where to find Shockbulb in New World, adventurer?

The Shockbulb is a harvestable resource that you will encounter early on your journey. It is classified as a magical plant that is harvestable with a harvesting skill of 30 and trackable at 45. You can spot them by their prickly white bulbs that emit electric sparks and a white-ish aura.

Farming Shockbulbs will increase your harvesting skill by 90XP for each harvest. Its materials can be used to make potions, tinctures, and magical items via the arcane repository which you can find in every city per region.

You can harvest Shockbulbs and other mid-level items like Soulsprouts so that you can level up high enough to find Silkweed.

We’ll be sharing everything there is to know about Shockbulbs below. Let us help you not only find them but also maximize your farming routes as you explore the island of Aeternum.

Shockbulb Locations

New World makes resource gathering player-friendly as all resource nodes are fixed. All that’s left for you for the player is to remember where they are located and plan their route for their resource runs.

We spotted 129 Shockbulb harvesting nodes across 7 regions on the Island of Aeturnum. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 30 nodes in First Light
  • 5 nodes in Cutlass Keys
  • 4 in Windsward
  • 49 nodes in Monarch’s Bluffs
  • 26 nodes in Everfall
  • 8 nodes in Weaver’s Fen
  • 7 nodes in Brightwood

Where to Find Shockbulb Early in the Game

You will find your first 5 Shockbulb gathering spots found in the starting region of Windsward which can be challenging to find when you start playing.

1 node can be found to the east of Windsward Hamlet, 3 are near the First Light region, and the last one is near Reekwater.

Where is the Most Efficient Place to Farm Shockbulbs?

The best route to farm Shockbulbs and level up your Harvesting Skill the fastest can be found at Monarch’s Bluffs region, having over 49 resource nodes. 

Follow the main road from East of Everfall Hamlet to Monarch’s bluff Hamlet to find 10 resource nodes close together and make your way to the south to find the remaining 9 between the Hamlet and the Achernar Gate, the southern spirit shrine of the Monarch’s Bluffs region.

The remaining 20 resource nodes can be found near Achernar Gate.

What Do You Get from Shockbulbs?

When you successfully harvest a Shockbulb, you can gather the following materials:

  • Air Mote: A Tier 2 common rarity resource. Used as Air Mote and Air Reagent.
  • Shockbulb Stem: A Tier 2 common rarity resource.  Used as Air Reagent and Tier 2 Offensive Reagent.
  • Shockbulb Leaf: A Tier 3 uncommon rarity resource. Used as Air Reagent and Tier 4 Offensive Reagent.
  • Shockbulb Flower: A Tier 4 rare rarity resource. Used as Air Reagent and Tier 4 Offensive Reagent.

Note that the material you harvest will be dependent on your equipment and a bit of luck. 

How Do You Harvest Shockbulbs Faster?

Harvesting Shockbulbs faster will depend on two things – your harvesting equipment and your stats.

If it’s your first time trying to harvest, you’ll first need to know where to find a Harvesting Sickle. Your sickle, which can cut down harvesting time the higher its rarity. It can also contain perks that can increase your yield and/or your luck.

When it comes to your stats, you will have to invest in your intelligence. You get a passive skill that decreases your harvest time by 10% if you have an intelligence level of 50. If you decide that you want to focus more on your intelligence stat more, you can always respec your attributes for free until you’re level 20.