New World has a significant variety of items, builds, and skills. Some of those builds demand a bit more dedication than others, which is the case for any Musket build in New World.

Muskets demand players to constantly buy cartridges or craft the ammunition themselves, and one of the required items to make musket cartridges is Saltpeter.

It doesn’t matter what metal you’re using to craft your ammo, you need Gunpowder, and you need Saltpeter to make it.

Unfortunately, Saltpeter is not an ingredient that is too easy to gather, and many players don’t know where to find it.

So if you’re looking for a guide that shows you where to find Saltpeter in New World, you just found it!

Undertow Cave

This is a place in the south, within the Windsward Area. This is a cave many players have to visit during the beginning of the game.

In order to find the Saltpeter, you must destroy the veil and go deep inside the cave to where the Corrupted Chaplain is. There are many sources of Saltpeter around the corrupted area.

This is an area where the Saltpeter doesn’t seem to take too long to spawn again, so you can use that time to collect flints or cut down trees and then return.

Dankfur Hollow

This is close to Windsward Town, and this is a low-level area too, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding some Saltpeter here.

Although the Saltpeter is not as abundant here as it is at Torrentdown Cave, it is still worth visiting if you’re around.

Ebonrock Quarry

This is a place with many corrupted miners. At the base of the mountain, you will find an entrance to the mine. There are many enemies in the mines of Ebonrock Quarry, but also many sources of Saltpeter for you to gather.

If you are above level 20, this shouldn’t be too difficult. In fact, the higher your level, the better it becomes to mine Saltpeter here since enemies will become trivial at some point.


This place is located within the territory of Brightwood. This is an area that is not really that convenient for you to visit, but if you are high level enough and passing by for any reason, you can gather some Saltpeter here too.

You will have to find a cave in Bronzegroove that is to the north of the Azoth Tree. It is located at the base of the mountain to the north of Postrekhin.

This will work a lot as it does in Ebonrock Quarry. There are enemies of level 30 — some are slightly above that — so finding the cave where the Saltpeter is might be complicated once you enter the region.

However, if you’re high level enough, the enemies will not be a trouble for you. It is also worth checking the Saltpeter in the region if you are passing by or doing a quest that is located around Bronzegroove.

Other Locations to Gather Saltpeter

There are places with Saltpeter all over the Island. There’s Saltpeter in literally every region of the game. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to know where to get some saltpeter as it is to know where to find green wood.

The locations shared in the guide provide regions where the player can go and gather Saltpeter if they’re at a lower level and a couple of regions that level 40 or higher players can visit without much trouble.

Higher level areas do have great places with Saltpeter to be collected, but they also have high level challenges. And due to the level cap of the game, those creatures might always be a nuisance.

So if you mean to farm some Saltpeter, it might be better to stick with those lower level areas.

Why Gather Saltpeter

If you’re looking for Saltpeter, it means you are most likely trying to make cartridges for your Musket. Or maybe, you’re looking for a fast way to level up Engineering in New World.

Saltpeter is a crucial ingredient in making Gunpowder, which is needed to make a cartridge — no matter what material the cartridge is made of.

Note that those who most likely will be looking for Saltpeter just like you are but won’t be as informed as you after reading this guide.

Those people might find it easier to collect something else and sell for gold so they can buy someone else’s Saltpeter or Gunpowder.

So if the ingredient is scarce in the market, it might be a good idea for you to farm some Saltpeter and sell it.

You can also go ahead and check if there are enough Cartridges in the Trading Post for others to sell. If there aren’t many, maybe you can make some yourself to make some gold out of it. Still, you most likely will need to know where to find Iron Ore in New World to make some Cartridges.

It might be a good idea for you to check the Trading Post from time to time. If there’s too much Saltpeter or Gunpowder in the market, it could be much easier for you to just buy the ingredients instead of going out of your way to gather them.