Beginning your harvesting level grind may seem daunting, adventurer, but it’s not as difficult as you think. We all have to start somewhere and the best place to start is by knowing where to find Warm Platecaps in New World.

Warm Platecaps are one of the easiest, harvestable resources found on the Island of Aeturnum. It is classified as a fungus and can be harvested with a harvesting level of 0 but you will need to get a harvesting sickle to get started. Each Warm Platecap will give you 46XP per harvest.

Starting off with these low level harvesting items is essential if you want to go on to find Shockbulbs, Silkweed and more.

Warm Platecaps are not as noticeable as other harvestable resources but are easy to identify. They are a short patch of orange mushrooms with a honeycomb pattern on the outside.

Now that we’ve given you a quick introduction on why you should Warm Platecaps, let us share where to find the best places to farm Warm Platecaps on the Island.

What Can You Harvest From Warm Platecaps?

You can gain the following materials when harvesting Warm Platecaps.

  • Glowing Mushroom Cap.  A Tier 2 common resource. Used as Tier 2 Medicinal Reagent
  • Mushroom. A Tier 1 Very common resource. Raw Consumable.
  • Platecap Flesh. A Tier 2 common resource. Used as a Fire Reagent and Tier 2 Medicinal Reagent
  • Mushroom Fins. A Tier 3 uncommon resource. Used as Tier 3 Magical Reagent.
  • Toadstool Fringe. A Tier 3 uncommon resource.Used as Tier 3 Protective Reagent
  • Fungal Spores. A Tier 3 uncommon resource. Used as Fungal Spores and Tier 3 Protective Reagent.
  • Fungal Slime. A Tier 3 uncommon resource. Used as Tier 3 Offensive Reagent.

Note that harvesting time and materials you’ll receive will depend on equipment and a bit of luck.

How Do You Harvest Warm Platecaps Faster?

Harvesting Platecaps faster will depend on two things – your harvesting equipment and your stats.

Your harvesting sickle can cut down harvesting time the higher its rarity. It can also contain perks that can increase your yield and/or your luck which makes each one unique.

When it comes to your stats, you will have to invest in your intelligence. You get a passive skill that decreases your harvest time by 10% if you have an intelligence level of 50. If you decide that you want to focus more on your intelligence stat more, you can always respec your attributes for free until you’re level 20.

Warm Platecaps Locations

New World makes resource gathering player-friendly as all resource nodes are fixed. All that’s left for you for the player is to remember where they are located and plan their route for their resource runs.

Warm Platecap harvesting node at Alioth

There is only one place to harvest Warm Platecaps – Monarch’s Bluffs. The region has a total of 99 resource nodes with most of them placed near each other making your farming route straightforward.

What’s The Most Efficient Way To Farm Warm Platecaps?

To make the most out of your harvesting runs, make sure to take time to increase your weight capacity first to lessen the back and forth traveling to town.

Our preferred farming route starts with following the main road from Everfall Hamlet to Monarch’s Bluffs Hamlet.

Start heading right to Achernar Gate, Monarch’s Bluffs northern Spirit Shrine, and follow the trail of resource nodes until you hit the Dreadscythe Shrine. By the time you finish your farm, you’ll be near the Cutlass Keys Hamlet which should make the trip back as easy as possible for those who are over-encumbered.