Silver Ores are a rare commodity in New World. Do not worry because you will not need that many Silver Ores, to begin with. If you are just leveling your mining skill, it is fine to mine everything you can get your hands on.

However, there are areas where there are a lot of Silver Vein spawns which you can capitalize on. This guide will show you where to find Silver Ore in New World and learn what they are used for.

What Are Silver Ore Used For?

Crafting Weapons, Armor, and Trinkets

Silver Vein Mountains

Silver Ores are used to craft Silver Ingots. These Silver Ingots are not as heavily used as Iron and Steel Ingots but they act as supplementary material for crafting uncommon items.

The Silver Ores are smelted on a level 2 Smelter which is practically available in every settlement. They are used to craft uncommon tier 2 items such as weapons, armor, and trinkets. For common items, Iron and Steel are mostly used.

With that being said, you would not need an exorbitant amount of Silver Ores when you are farming them. Focus more on Iron and Platinum.


There are missions from the town’s post-board that require you to craft armaments for your work order missions. Some of these need Silver Ore to craft. This means that there is use for Silver Ore before smelting them to Silver Ingots so take note of that for other materials as well.

Just keep around 30 Silver Ores in your storage so that you are always ready when the mission comes up. These are easy missions and you might even get lucky by getting a ton of them where you have all the materials just sitting in your storage.

Crafting Gold Ingots

Gold Ingots acts the same as the Silver Ingots but only a tier higher. However, to turn Gold Ore into Gold Ingots, you will need Silver Ingots to smelt these Gold Ores. It is kind of weird but that is how the progression goes.

Gold gives you uncommon items as well but they will be tier 3 items. With early access to these weapons and armor, you will be able to do quests more easily.

Best Way to Farm Silver Ores – Location

Silver Ore Locations 1

There are a few New World silver locations that you can go to in order to farm the ore.

However, the best silver ore locations for ore farming are in Dankfur Hollow and Eldergate. Just enter the cave in the middle and you will see a lot of Silver Veins already. If they are not there, someone must have mined them already and they should respawn under 10 minutes.

If they are not there, you can go up to the mountains and search for the other Silver Ore spots. I rarely see the one outside the mountain spawn just because there are too many players in my server.

Climb the mountains and there should be 2-3 Silver Veins near each other. Go down to the Eldergate and check for one spawn there.

If you just want to move around and gather more resources, you can check our leveling harvesting skills guide since it is just below the Eldergate. You can alter this route by adding these Silver Veins to your farming.

There are also more Silver Veins on the upper-right area of Windsward. These are in the Inkwell Cave which spawns a ton of wolves but they should be easy to deal with. There are Gold Veins and Platinum Veins in this area and if your mining skill can handle those already, you can go there too.

There are fewer Silver Veins spawn there in Inkwell Cave but it is much more efficient since you are getting other high-value ores. If you want to level your mining skill fast, you can start farming Iron Ores until you unlock Oil. You can harvest Oil near the Eldergate and there are 8-9 nodes in the river alone.

You will be able to level your mining with a few hours of hard work and you will be able to move on to the Inkwell Cave to get Gold and Platinum.