Kudos in OSRS are the rewards given to players for helping out at the Varrock Museum. They are required for a number of important quests that unlock unique content, such as the ‘Bone Voyage’ quest, which unlocks Fossil Island. 

Various staff members of the Varrock Museum will also provide rewards based on a player’s number of Kudos. Some of these rewards include experience in various skills, and new exhibitions at the museum.

Additionally, Kudos cannot be spent, only gained, up to a maximum of 230. Totals can be checked by right-clicking on the information booth in the northwest corner of the museum’s main floor. In this guide, I will demonstrate how to get Kudos in OSRS. 

Kudos Overview

Kudos in Old School RuneScape can be acquired in several different ways. You can get 50 Kudos for cleaning specimens, 28 Kudos for completing the Natural History Quiz in the basement, and 75 for explaining certain previously completed quests. 


Completing the fossil exhibits from Fossil Island will provide another 72 Kudos, and handing in ancient relics from Barronite deposits gets you another 5, for a total of 230. Note that handing in the Barronite deposit relics is the only way for F2P players to get Kudos. 

Natural History Quiz

One of the easiest ways to earn Kudos is to complete the Natural History Quiz, located in the basement of the museum. Simply talk to Orlando Smith on the lower floor to get started. He will ask you to go around to each basement exhibit, read the plaque, then answer a question.


There is absolutely no penalty for wrong answers, and the questions are not very difficult to begin with. Each exhibit will ask you three questions, and provide two Kudos each for answering them correctly. 

The Natural History Quiz also provides additional rewards in the form of skill experience. Upon completing the quiz, you will be granted 1,000 experience each in Slayer and Hunter. For this reason, the quiz is often one of the first things done on a fresh account. 

Cleaning Digsite Finds

Another method of getting Kudos in OSRS is to clean specimens found at the Digsite. Of course, you will need to have completed the quest ‘The Dig Site’ to do this. You can start the quest by talking to one of the Examiners in the exam centre, just south of the digsite. 

You will need 10 Agility, 10 Herblore, and 25 Thieving for the “Dig Site’ quest. It requires a lot of walking around, so I would recommend bringing Varrock teleports and energy or stamina potions to save time. 

Once you have completed ‘The Dig Site,’ you can enter the cordoned-off area in the corner of the museum’s first floor. Talk to the archaeologists there, and they will tell you that you need leather boots, leather gloves, a trowel, rock pick, and specimen brush. All these items can be found on a tool rack on the wall. 


With the leather boots and gloves equipped, and the other items in your inventory, you can collect uncleaned finds from the specimen rocks, then use them on open cleaning tables to clean them. 


While cleaning specimens can provide a wide range of items, there are five in particular that will reward you with 10 Kudos each. They are the pottery, the old symbol, the ancient symbol, the ancient coin, and the old coin. 

When you find one of these items, claim your Kudos by speaking to any of the archaeologists around. Once you have found all five, you have claimed all the Kudos you can from this activity. However, there are other possible items to find, such as the clean necklace, which can be brought to an archaeologist to learn how to make a Digsite Pendant. 

Historian Minas

A third way to get Kudos in Old School RuneScape is to explain the events of various quests you have previously completed to Historian Minas on the second floor. Only certain quests are eligible to receive Kudos, and they will grant you 5 Kudos each. 


The quests you are eligible to earn Kudos for are as follows: ‘Demon Slayer’ ‘Rune Mysteries’ ‘Shield of Arrav’ ‘Temple of Ikov’ ‘What Lies Below’ ‘The Grand Tree’ ‘Hazeel Cult’ ‘A Tail of Two Cats’ ‘Priest in Peril, ‘Merlin’s Crystal’ ‘Making History’ and ‘Observatory Quest.’ 

Additionally, you can get 10 Kudos for completing the miniquest ‘Curse of the Empty Lord,’ which is how you get the ghostly robes. The ghostly robes are required to receive the Kudos for this miniquest. 

Cleaning Fossils

The next way to earn Kudos in OSRS is to clean and identify unidentified fossils that can be found on Fossil Island after the quest ‘Bone Voyage.’ You can start ‘Bone Voyage’ by speaking to museum curator Haig Halen after gaining at least 100 Kudos. It has no skill requirements. 

Various activities on Fossil Island will reward you with unidentified fossils. Before you can clean them, you will need to build the cleaning bench in the museum camp, using five planks, five nails, and a hammer. 


Simply bring unidentified fossils to the cleaning bench to clean them. Once cleaned, bring the fossils to the fossil exhibits at the very bottom floor of the museum, under the Natural History Quiz. 

The fossils come in sizes of small, medium, and large, and you will need the limbs, spine, pelvis, ribs, and skull of the same size to fill a display. For plant displays, you need roots, stump, branch, leaf, and mushroom fossils of the same size. 

Each completed display will grant you 2 Kudos, for a total of 72 possible Kudos. They will also provide antique lamps, which will give you experience when rubbed. The amount of experience depends on the size of the display. 

Barronite Deposits

Finally, there is one more method to obtain Kudos in Old School RuneScape, and that is to bring ancient relics from Barronite deposits to Haig Halen. Barronite deposits are unlocked by completing the free quest ‘Below Ice Mountain.’ 

You can start ‘Below Ice Mountain’ by speaking to Willow, on the path south of Ice Mountain, between Falador and the Barbarian Village. You need 16 Quest Points to start the quest. 

barronite mining 1

After completing the quest, you can mine Barronite in the Ruins of Camdozaal. This provides you with Barronite deposits, which can be crushed with a hammer at a special anvil within the ruins for a variety of rewards. 


Within this variety of rewards are the ancient globe, ancient ledger, ancient astroscope, ancient treatise, and ancient carcanet. Each has a 1 in 350 chance of being obtained when crushing the Barronite deposits. 

Simply bring the ancient relics to Haig Halen for 1 Kudo each, for a total of 5. Also, note this is the only way for free-to-play players to obtain Kudos, since it’s a free quest and free-to-play content. 

Final Thoughts

Kudos in Old School RuneScape can be obtained in several different ways. You can simply answer the Natural History Quiz, explain quests you have previously completed, or clean specimen finds for Kudos.You could also clean Fossil Island fossils, or break open barronite deposits to maximize your amount of Kudos.