Rings in OSRS are an equipment slot often overlooked by players. There are many rings in the game, some providing combat bonuses, others providing special properties, such as increased drop rates, and others still allowing players to disguise themselves as inanimate objects. 

While there is a large variety of rings in Old School RuneScape, there are only a few that can be made by players. That being said, there is also a large amount of variation between the rings players are able to make. 

For example, players can make a Ring of Dueling, which offers teleports to several PvP based locations, and the Ring of Forging, which guarantees success when smelting iron ore into bars. There are many more rings players can make, and I will demonstrate how to make rings in OSRS in this guide. 

Necessary Levels

Making rings in OSRS can be done in a few simple steps. The first step is to make sure you have the appropriate Crafting level for the rings you are trying to make. If you plan on enchanting them afterward, make sure you have the appropriate Magic level, as well. 

You can make opal rings at 1 Crafting, jade rings at 13 Crafting, red topaz rings at 16 Crafting, sapphire rings at 20 Crafting, emerald rings at 27 Crafting, ruby rings at 34 Crafting, diamond rings at 43 Crafting, and dragonstone rings at 55 Crafting. 

Additionally, you can craft onyx rings at 67 Crafting, and zenyte rings at 89 Crafting. Slayer rings can also be crafted, if you have 75 Crafting and have purchased the ability to make them from the Slayer Reward shop. 

Necessary Materials

The next step to making rings in OSRS is to gather the necessary materials. You will need a ring mould, and the other ingredients are dependent on the ring you are trying to make. Ring moulds can be acquired from Crafting stores in Rimmington, Al Kharid, Sophanem, Keldagrim, and Ape Atoll.


A ring mould also spawns on the second floor of the Crafting Guild, which requires an equipped brown apron and 40 Crafting to enter. They can also be obtained by thieving Crafting stalls, at a rate of 1 in 3. You need 5 Thieving for this. 

If you are trying to make an opal, jade, or red topaz ring, you will need silver bars and the corresponding gem. All the other craftable rings require gold bars. Simply bring the ring mould, silver or gold bar, and the appropriate cut gem to any furnace in the game. 


Click the furnace, and you will be able to choose which rings you would like to craft from the resulting interface. You will then be asked how many you would like to make, depending on the amount of materials in your inventory. 

Enchanting Rings

Congratulations! You have made rings in OSRS. However, if you would like your rings to be more than just cosmetic, you can enchant them to have magical properties. There are seven levels of enchantment spells that correspond to the materials used in the making of the rings. 

Using level 1 enchant at 7 Magic, you can make Rings of recoil from sapphire rings and Rings of pursuit from opal rings. The spell requires 1 water rune and 1 cosmic rune. 

Using level 2 enchant at 27 Magic, you can make Rings of dueling from emerald rings and Rings of returning from jade rings. Rings of dueling are especially useful for crafting lava runes, since they offer a PvP Arena teleport. The spell requires three air runes and one cosmic rune. 

With level 3 enchant at 49 Magic, you can make Rings of forging from ruby rings and Efaritay’s Aid from topaz rings. The spell requires five fire runes and one cosmic rune. 


With level 4 enchant at 57 Magic, you can make Rings of life out of diamond rings. These are incredibly useful rings that will automatically teleport you to your respawn point if you fall below 10% of your hitpoints, useful for dangerous activities like finding blue dragons. The spell requires ten earth runes and a cosmic rune. 

Using level 5 enchant at 68 Magic, you can make Rings of wealth out of dragonstone rings. These are also incredibly useful, since they automatically pick up any currencies dropped and add them to your inventory. The spell for this requires 15 water runes, 15 earth runes, and a cosmic rune. 

The level 6 enchant spell at 87 Magic allows you to make Rings of stone from onyx rings. These do not really have a usage, beyond trolling other players, since the ring allows you to appear as a Mining rock. The enchantment spell requires 20 fire runes, 20 earth runes, and a cosmic rune. 


With the level 7 enchant spell at 93 Magic, you can make Rings of suffering from zenyte rings. These are an important item to note, as the Ring of suffering is the best in slot defensive ring in the game. The enchantment requires 20 blood runes, 20 soul runes, and a cosmic rune. 

Slayer Rings

You can also make Slayer rings, provided you have 75 Crafting and have purchased the ability to make them from the Slayer Reward shop. They are made similarly to the other rings, by simply bringing a ring mould, gold bar, and enchanted (or eternal) gem to a furnace. 


The ability to make Slayer rings is called “Ring Bling” in the Rewards Shop, and costs 300 Slayer Reward points. Consequently, Slayer rings can be bought for 75 Slayer Reward points from any of the Slayer Masters. 

Final Thoughts

Making rings in OSRS can be done in a few simple steps. First, make sure you have a high enough Crafting level to make the rings you desire. Then, bring the right materials, a ring mould, silver or gold bar, and the appropriate gem to any furnace. 

Once your rings are made, consider enchanting them based on your Magic level and available runes. This typically increases their gp value and provides useful extra properties to your rings.