Old School RuneScape is a game boasting a number of unique locations. The uniqueness of these various locations is often provided by the thematic flavor, or themes, of the location.

For example, learning how to get to Harmony Island allows you to experience a chill, quaint, quiet location, since it’s inhabited by zombie monks. The pirate themed town of Brimhaven is no different.

Due to the pirates living there, Brimhaven has a specific thematic feel of swashbuckling, roguelike adventure. Players come to the town for the Fruit Tree patch, to kill dragons or other monsters in the nearby dungeon, or test Agility skills in the Arena.

Additionally, the area is featured in a number of quests, such as “Heroes’ Quest” and “Tai Bwo Wannai Trio.” It also contains a Player-Owned House portal. To access all these features, areas, and activities, you should learn how to get to Brimhaven in OSRS.

Sailing to Brimhaven

The pirate town of Brimhaven is quite easily accessible, in a number of ways. The simplest of which being simply to open the gate west of the Karamja volcano. This gate is there to provide separation between free and members’ areas of the game. 

However, sailing there from various other towns and cities is a much more widespread and accessible option. An NPC named Captain Barnaby docks in Ardougne, Brimhaven, and Rimmington. He’ll sail you between the three places for 30 coins per trip. 

Alternatively, you can use the Charter Ship network to get to Brimhaven in OSRS. These ships are found in most cities with docks. These cities include Catherby, Corsair Cove, Musa Point, Mos Le’Harmless, Port Khazard, Port Phasmatys, Port Sarim, Port Tyras, the Ship Yard, and Priffdinas. 

Note that you can also get to Entrana in OSRS from Port Sarim.

You will need to pay the Charter ships a fee for travel in this manner. This fee varies, and is based on your origin’s distance to Brimhaven. For example, if sailing from Musa Point, which is directly east of Brimhaven, it would cost 480 coins.

But, if traveling from Port Tyras or Priffdinas, in the Elf lands, the cost will be significantly higher, at over 3,000 coins. 

Additional Travel Methods

There are a number of additional methods to reach Brimhaven in Old School RuneScape. If you have the quest “Shilo Village” complete, you can talk to Vigroy west of the Shilo Village bank. He will take you in his cart to Brimhaven for 200 coins. 

Speaking of quests, if you have the “Holy Grail” quest complete, as well as access to the Fairy Rings, you can travel to code BJR, then blow the magic whistle obtained in the quest. This will take you to the mining spots just north of Brimhaven. 

Moreover, if you have at least 40 Construction, you can simply teleport to your house, provided it’s located in Brimhaven. You can also use a Scroll of Redirection from the Nightmare Zone to change house teleport tablets into Brimhaven ones, if your house is somewhere else. 

Every twenty minutes, you can use a minigame teleport to get very close to Brimhaven. Simply go to the Grouping tab, and teleport to the Tzhaar Fight Pits. Then, exit Mol Ur Rek and run west until you reach Brimhaven.

Finally, you can simply use an Amulet of Glory to teleport to Musa Point, just east of Brimhaven. Simply run west and through the members’ gate to enter Brimhaven. 

Final Thoughts

Brimhaven is a very unique, easily accessible location within OSRS. Most players typically use Captain Barnaby or the charter ship travel system to get there, but there are a number of conditional other options to get to Brimhaven in Old School RuneScape.