Having a good scouting network in place is crucial if you’re playing the long game in FIFA 22 Career Mode. To identify the best prospects before they get snatched by the top clubs, you need to manage your scouting efforts and check in with your scouts every once in a while.

There aren’t too many things you can do with your scouts in FIFA 22 but you can certainly take a hands-on approach and find the exact players you need. All you need to do is be persistent and know a few tricks.

Here are some FIFA 22 Career Mode scouting tips to help get you started!

How to Scout Players in FIFA 22

There are two very important aspects of scouting in FIFA 22: scout networks and scout instructions.

Networks will allow you to expand your scouting knowledge and cover more regions to find talent from around the world. Instructions are used to find specific types of players, certain positions, young prospects/veterans, etc.

Scout Networks

Setting up a scouting network is easy. All you need to do is navigate to Transfers and go to the Global Transfer Network. On this screen, you can manage various aspects of scouting. You can hire and fire scouts, as well as send them on assignments.

The first thing you’ll see here is a list of your scouts. Tapping on any scout will allow you to send them on an assignment – a particular region of the world where they’ll be stationed and looking for talent. Select and set up a scouting network.

Your scout will look for talent in this region that fits any of the criteria you set up in scout instructions.

Scout Instructions

By tapping R1/RT on the Global Transfer Network screen, you can go to the Instructions tab. Here, you can set specific criteria to filter player results and get the talent you need.

This is the most important aspect of scouting in FIFA 22 Career Mode. You can filter for age, attributes, position, and contract length. Navigating to any field on this screen will show you how many players have been found that fit the specified criteria. Tap on that field and you’ll be taken to the Scout Report screen where you can navigate through all the players and scout them further.

Select a player you like and tap on “Ask [scout name] to Scout [player]”. After a few days, you’ll receive a full scouting report on the player, with his ratings revealed.

Hire New Scouts

One thing you should do early on is hire new scouts. You’ll almost certainly have an empty scout slot or a subpar scout with low Experience/Judgement.

You can tap on any scout and fire him to put a new one in his place. When looking for new scouts, you can sort them by either Experience or Judgement to find the best candidates. A scout with a higher Judgement rating will find better quality players while a scout with high Experience will generate a larger pool of players.

You should also pay attention to their Scouting Network Cost – this refers to how much you’ll have to spend to set up a scouting network in any region.

Keep Scouting Throughout the Season

The goal of the scouting game is to always have a few prospects in your back pocket, in case you want to move some players or improve your squad. That’s why you need to be scouting for the entire season and constantly keep an eye on the latest talent.

The last thing you want is to sell a player before having a few options to replace him with.

Scouting throughout the season is especially important as you progress through the game and new players start getting generated. The game will generate potential superstars all over the world, your job is to find and sign them before anyone else.

Set up scouting networks, select “Promising” from the attribute list, and limit the player age to 21-22 if you want to find the best young talent. Sign these players and learn how to improve players in FIFA 22 to make sure they reach their full potential.

As you raise your profile and your transfer budget starts to grow, you can start searching for “World Class” or “First Team Quality” players.

Find Players on Expiring Contracts

Here’s a money-saving tip that can help you sign quality players without breaking the bank.

You can go to your scouting instructions and set the Contract criteria to 0-1. This will make your scout search for players that have less than one year remaining on their contract. You can approach these players as their contracts are six months from expiring and sign them for free. They’ll usually require a more substantial signing fee than other players but it’s still much more affordable than buying a player.

You can also sell these players later and make a profit!

I always have one of the six instructions set to find players on expiring contracts each season. There’s always a deal to be made if you keep looking.

Final Word

Finding the best young players is one of the biggest challenges so consider these scouting tips for FIFA 22 when building your perfect team in Career Mode.

The most important piece of advice I can give you is to keep scouting all season long and constantly send your scouts on assignments. Expanding your scouting network is crucial. You should never keep looking at the same nations and leagues – you’ll miss out on talent and keep getting the same players over and over again.

Instead, keep moving your scouts around and hone in on specific players that look interesting to uncover their full ratings.