Retraining player positions is a great way to have more versatility in your team and make the most out of every single player.

Sometimes you’ll simply have too much competition for one position while being understaffed on others. In this case, taking one of your existing players and retraining his position could be a perfect move to use everyone to their full potential and get results without breaking the bank.

While retraining players is a relatively straightforward effort, there are some important things to take into consideration if you want to do it right.

Read on to learn how to retrain player position in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

Use Development Plans

To change player position in FIFA 22 Career Mode, you’ll need to head over to the Development Plans screen. There, you’ll be able to see all your players and their current progress. This is where you can improve players in FIFA 22 and get directly involved in their development by improving specific attributes.

Select a player and tap R2/RT to switch from Growth to Position and choose the position you want the player to learn. In the upper left corner of the development screen, you’ll see the estimated time until your player learns the new position.

This estimated time will depend mostly on two factors: player potential and attributes/familiarity with the new position. Let’s get into both of those.

Choose the Right Players to Retrain

Not all players will be equally suitable for retraining. It’s much easier to retrain the best young players and wonderkids and develop the attributes they need to master their new position.

You’ll notice this in the Development Plans – younger players will usually have more green arrows next to their attributes, showing that they’re developing at a faster rate than older players. A “young” player is any player younger than 25 years, although you’ll also see that 18-20-year olds progress more quickly than, say, a 23 year-old player.

That’s because younger players still have lots of potential. This also means that you can upgrade the particular skills their new position requires at a faster rate.

Retrain the Player to a Natural Position

Another important thing to consider is the player’s original, natural position.

In other words, you can’t (and shouldn’t) retrain a centre-back to be a striker. It would take far too long and, more importantly, he doesn’t have the necessary skills. Generally, you can retrain a player to become adept at playing a position similar to his original one. A centre-back can be successfully retrained as a CDM, a CAM can be retained as a winger or striker, etc.

A good way to know which players can be retrained to which positions is to take a look at their current attributes. A pacey, mobile CAM will likely be a great potential winger since his Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Dribbling, and possibly Crossing are all already pretty high. You probably won’t be able to retrain him as a CDM because he lacks the defensive skills.

Take a look at how the player is currently being used by their manager in real life – that might give you an idea of how you can retrain him.

Final Word

Knowing how to retrain player position in FIFA 22 Career Mode will provide you with a lot of flexibility. The season is long and you might experience injuries, fitness issues, form struggles, and other things that will impact your team selection.

That’s why it’s important to have versatile players who can play multiple positions.

Take a good look at your players’ attributes and make sure that the retraining you’re asking them to do makes sense and can be done within a reasonable time frame.