We all love to play matches with our carefully created squads, superstars, and young prospects – but the season is long and not all games are created equal.

Sometimes you just want to sim through three or four games and get to that Champions League final without playing meaningless league games with the title already in your hands. However, winning games is important for increasing team morale in FIFA 22 and you want to make sure even those simulated games end up in the “W” column.

In today’s article, we will go over how to win sim games in FIFA 22 Career Mode and save lots of time and frustration in the process.

Work on Your Players’ Fitness, Sharpness, and Morale

Ensuring you win simulated games starts long before the game itself. It’s all about how you prepare your team for the game – both mentally and physically. That’s probably the best FIFA 22 quick sim tip I can give you.

Physically, it’s all about their fitness and match sharpness. Fitness refers to the medical aspect of the game, it signifies whether the player is overworked and under too much physical stress. This happens when a player takes part in too many matches or training sessions back-to-back. Increasing match sharpness, on the other hand, is more about keeping the player ready to get out on the pitch and produce. It’s gained by training and playing matches – keeping the player active, essentially.

Both of these factors, especially match sharpness, will have a big impact on each of your players. Low match sharpness will make the player slower to read and react to certain situations and it’s something you’ll definitely notice while controlling him.

More importantly, fit and sharp players will experience a boost to their attributes:

FIFA 22 Career (In Menus)

This will have them perform better and have a real impact on any FIFA 22 Carrer Mode sim match you play.

The same can be said for player morale – giving your players enough minutes and keeping them happy with their contract situation will make them happy, which can also impact their attributes.

Set up Your Game Plan and Formation

Another thing you can do before the actual match is set up the game plan and formation that works best for your personnel.

Make sure that each player is in their preferred position, as playing him in a different one can sometimes come with an attribute penalty. Additionally, you can tweak your defensive and offensive styles to best suit the players on the pitch. Width, players in the box, and player roles – all should be set up before you start simulating a game.

Know When to Jump in

The “jump in” feature allows you to take control of your team and play some key moments.

This can come quite handy in promising situations when you can see that your team has a potential scoring opportunity and you don’t want the CPU to mess things up. Counter attacks, especially those when your players outnumber the opposition, can be perfect opportunities to jump in and make the right decisions to score.

Another good opportunity to jump in is when your team is on the back foot, trying to withstand pressure. In many cases, the CPU won’t be able to read the angles properly and make those crucial interceptions you need to make to stop the attack. This is especially important when you’re preserving a lead – you don’t want your CPU to handle these situations because they can get messy.

Set pieces are also perfect chances to jump in and make these chances count. Corners, close free kicks, and penalties should all be handled by you.

Make Substitutions and Adjustments

Finally, the changes you make during the game can have a big impact on its outcome.

You should monitor your players’ stamina throughout the game and sub out the players that are struggling. This ensures that the entire squad is fresh and producing at the highest level possible.

You can also dictate the tempo of the game and instruct your players to play more defensively or overload the opposition half, depending on what you’re trying to do. One of the best ways to preserve a lead in simulations is to switch your style to Defensive or Very Defensive. Conversely, you can switch to Attacking or Very attacking if you’re chasing a lead. In this case, you might also want to consider jumping in and controlling the team yourself.

You can switch between attacking and defending styles by pressing the Left Arrow (Defense) and Right Arrow (Offense).

Final Word

Knowing how to win sim games in FIFA 22 Career Mode will transform your game and help you keep your winning record while saving time.

Winning simulation games will help you keep your team morale high, which can directly impact your players’ performances and even attributes. Before simulating the game, make sure all other things are in place – when your match sharpness, morale, and fitness are high, winning games will be much easier.

Stay active during the game by making the required substitutions and adjusting your Attack/Defense balance. When the time is right, jump in and take matters into your own hands in those crucial situations.