The Bronze Pack Method (BPM) has been an effective way of gaining coins in the early stages of every FIFA release for the past number of years.

But if you’re new to the game, or have been unaware of the Bronze Pack Method in FIFA 22 up to this point, you might be wondering what the Bronze Pack Method even is.

Or, if you’re an experienced Ultimate Team player that knows all about the BPM, maybe you’re asking: does the Bronze Pack Method still work on FIFA 22?

In this post, we’re going to explain everything you need to know based on our own testing when it comes to the FIFA 22 bronze pack method.

What is the Bronze Pack Method?

The Bronze Pack Method is a simple way to generate coins slowly but surely on FIFA Ultimate Team. The process involves opening lots of bronze packs — hundreds of them — and selling all of the contents on the transfer market.

Over time, the BPM has proven to be profitable on each of the last few FIFA releases, though hasn’t been as popular since the removal of squad fitness cards from the game.

How Do You Do the Bronze Pack Method?

It’s extremely simple to do the Bronze Pack Method; all you need to do is open hundreds of bronze packs in Ultimate Team using your coins — no FIFA points are needed, we’re Road-To-Glory players at DiamondLobby — and then list all of the items on the transfer market.

Many of the items you pick up will sell, especially rare players that are needed for unique or time-sensitive Squad Building Challenges.

This doesn’t include the highly-rated SBCs like The Whole Nine Yards SBC, but instead includes time sensitive challenges like Marquee Matchups. Or, perhaps you’ve just been fortunate that a highly-recommended SBC solution involves your random bronze player from a league only a few players pay attention to.

Many won’t sell, but you should just continually re-list them time and time again and hope to eventually get rid of these slow sellers for 200 coins each.

This trick works because bronze packs are so cheap that you only need to pack a half-decent item every once in a while to pay for a whole load more packs.

The consumables can also sell, and even if you’re forced to eventually discard items you should be able to come out in profit — in theory, anyway.

This is not a method to get lots of coins fast but instead is a method to slowly build up your coin balance if you’re a determined and committed player, and one that doesn’t mind the grind.

Is the Bronze Pack Method Still Profitable on FIFA 22?

The Bronze Pack Method used to be done by buying regular Bronze packs. However, in FIFA 22, only Premium Bronze Packs are available in the store. But is it still possible using this type of pack? That’s exactly what I set to find out.

In total, I purchased 250 Premium Bronze Packs and slowly sold all of the contents to explore.

This process takes a long time because items have to be listed, re-listed and re-listed again continually until eventually they sell. The only time I discarded items in this process was when I had 100 items that just wouldn’t shift and I needed the space to continue buying more packs.

I started the experiment with 188,260 coins — just enough to afford a total of 250 packs, even if I didn’t sell anything (250 Premium Bronze Packs costs 187,500).

I didn’t open any other packs, complete any Squad Building Challenges, or play any matches during this.

Put simply, my only outgoing expenses were these packs and my only incomings were from selling the contents of these packs.

With fitness cards being removed from the game, I knew this was going to be tough. Not only would I need to sell my players but I’d need to hope that kits and badges from smaller clubs would be popular — I completed this test shortly after the release of the game.

At the end of the experiment, I finished with 202,001 coins. This means I made a profit of 13,741 coins.

However, this did take a long time and it was tedious. The profit worked out to less than 60 coins per pack.

Overall, the raw numbers suggest that the BPM in FIFA 22 is profitable but whether it’s actually worth your time, I’m not sure.