Building a team and achieving major success can be incredibly satisfying – it’s one of the main reasons why we all like to play Career Mode as managers.

However, winning everything there is to win and seeing the same players all the time can get a little repetitive and boring. After a while, you might feel like it’s time to move on to a new challenge and achieve success elsewhere. When you start feeling that way, it’s nice to know you have options.

Having teams battle over your signature is always flattering and it can make the process of finding a new club easier and more immersive.

Let’s see how to get more FIFA 22 Career Mode job offers.

Get Results

The best way to attract other teams’ attention is to consistently deliver with your current team. This also works for getting more FIFA 22 international job offers.

This doesn’t necessarily mean winning the Champions League with Leeds United in your first season but you do need to show consistent improvement and get good results. In the context of Leeds United, this would mean staying in the Premier League and competing for a spot in Europe after a few seasons of steady progress.

However, even if you do this, you probably shouldn’t expect a call from PSG or Bayern Munich. To get the attention of the big names, you need to display a similar level of success and reputation which would likely mean having success on a global stage.

You can achieve this either with your original team or by switching to a slightly more successful team and then slowly making your way up. Either way, it’s all about long-term success and results.

Control Your Budget

In FIFA 22 Career Mode, handling your budget is one of the more important managerial skills. You need to balance your transfer and wage budgets so that you have enough room maneuver the transfer market while having enough money in your payroll for player salaries.

You can do this by going to Office, then Finances. Tap R1/RT to get to the Budget screen and adjust the balance between transfer and wage budgets. I’d recommend allocating as much money to the wage budget unless you’re looking to spend money on the transfer market. Once you do, simply allocate more to the transfer budget.

This reassures your executives that you’re handling your salary situation the right way and your team is financially stable.

Fulfill Board Expectations

You can navigate to Office and see your Board Expectations that will tell you everything your executives will want to see in your first few seasons. From competitions to finances and transfer policy, your Board will have all sorts of expectations that, if met, will increase your Manager Popularity Rating.

If we were to boil down manager success to a single metric, it would be the Popularity Rating. So, if you want to get job offers in Career Mode, it’s crucial that you delight your board and increase your rating to get the attention of other teams.

Not all of these goals will be that easily achievable but focus at least on the high priority ones to keep the board happy.

Keep Your Locker Room Under Control

Another minor thing that will impact your success as a manager is team morale. We’ve already written about how to increase team morale in FIFA 22 but, in short, it’s one of the most important things that affect your players’ performances.

Combined with match sharpness and form, team morale will boost your players’ attributes and make them better on the field.

Keeping your players happy and preventing them from requesting a transfer will ensure that you have good control over the entire team and you don’t get sudden departures that will impact your entire season. It will give you better control over the transfer and contract situation while helping your team perform better.

Apply for Jobs

FIFA 22 Career (In Menus)

Ultimately, if you feel like you’re not getting the offers you want, you can apply for jobs on your own.

Navigate to Browse Jobs and look for teams you’d like to join. Just make sure the season is in full swing and the teams have had enough time to fire their current managers. Generally, you’ll have a pretty solid chance of joining almost any club you fancy if you’ve delivered steady results and achieved a high Popularity Rating.

Final Word

Getting more FIFA 22 job offers in Career Mode will usually happen naturally as you progress through the game and get good results with your team.

To get the best offers, though, you’ll have to raise your club’s profile, as well as your own rating. You can do this by following all the tips listed above but mainly fulfilling board expectations and getting wins. Everything else is done to support these key goals and move your team forward.

If all else fails, you can always apply for jobs and find the clubs you like.