We all love to play with the original team we started with and managed to build with smart transfers and player development.

However, sometimes you just need that change of scenery. You might be tired of seeing the same players and playing the same league all the time or you just might want to try yourself with some of the richest teams at the highest stage.

If you don’t get job offers in Career Mode (which is often the case), you’ll have to submit applications for managerial positions you find appealing.

Here is how to apply for new jobs in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

What to Know before Applying for Manager Jobs

There are certain things you should know before starting to apply for jobs.

First, you should apply a little later into the season, when teams have had the time to (unfortunately) get disappointed with their current manager if he’s underperforming. I’ve found November-December to be great periods to find a job.

Here’s a Real Madrid ad I saw in my second season, in late November:

Their goal is obviously to win the title but they’re underperforming and currently 4th on the league table. For this to happen, you need to wait a few weeks into the season before looking for a job.

Another thing to keep in mind is club stature and manager rating. To truly have a chance at this Real Madrid job, you’ll need to have been managing a successful club with a certain level of consistency and meeting your Board requirements to achieve a high rating. This will increase your chances of getting the job you want.

How to Apply for a Job in Career Mode

To apply for managerial jobs in FIFA Career Mode, navigate to the Office screen by tapping R1/RT, then go to Browse Jobs. There, you can see all the available jobs and flick through them. Pay close attention to their transfer and wage budgets, as well as the starting 11.

Perhaps the most important thing to see here is the difference between their Objective and actual Season Summary. If you’re up for a challenge, you can go with a team that’s far off from their current objective but you should expect that keeping this job will be a tough task.

Once you find a job you like, tap X/A to apply for it and wait until you get a response. You won’t get a message or pop-up that your application is being considered but don’t worry, you’ll get a message from the club after a few days. In my experience, it takes about 3-5 days to get a response, positive or negative.

If you got the job, you’ll get a contract offer that looks like this:

Accept the offer and you’ll take the next step in your career.

How to Apply for National Team Jobs

You can’t apply to manage national teams using this method. Once you’ve established yourself as a manager, you’ll start to get national team offers, usually by weaker selections at first.

In my first year, I got offers from Northern Ireland, Finland, and Hungary. After a while, I started receiving other offers as well and eventually I was offered to manage the France national squad. You can see all your offers by going to the same field – Office –> Browse Jobs, only you need to move your Right Stick to get to Natl Team Job Offers.

Tap X/A, and you’ll see all your offers on one screen. Switch between them using R1/L1 (or RT/LT) and accept the one you like.

A lot of people want to know whether you can manage a national team and a club at the same time – yes, you can. In fact, some players enjoy this even more than managing a club so they sim through club games and only play the continental and world cups with their national team.

Final Word

Applying for new jobs in FIFA 22 Career Mode is easy, the harder part is identifying which jobs are worth applying for.

Other than personal preference, your decision should be influenced by the club’s current situation and season objectives, along with their financial standing. Be aware of the risks of managing a team that’s far off their season goals – they likely don’t have high team morale and the job will be harder to hold.

Then again, if you’re all about dragging a team out of the mud, then these are the exact teams you should be looking at!

As for national teams, you can’t apply for these jobs, you need to be offered a position. Keep achieving great results and you’ll eventually get an offer from pretty much any nation that plays football, including the ones with star-studded lineups.