In Minecraft Legends you’re going to be doing a lot of traveling, but don’t expect it to be easy. With each map being different, you’re likely going to run into some rough terrain.

Mountains, tall jagged cliffs, and trees are all going to be in your way as you’re making your way from one village to another.

Luckily, bouncecaps are there to make it much easier to traverse the map.

What Are Bouncecaps

Bouncecaps are plants that can spawn around the map, just like speed wheat.

They look a lot like a large red mushroom with white spots on top of it. They also have soft glow particles that shine from them.

These spawn plants spawn in all biomes on the map, including where you’d usually not expect them, such as mountains and the tops of trees.

These bouncecaps give you a similar buff like speed wheat, except this one will help you jump higher and remove all fall damage you can take.

This means you can easily make your way up a jagged mountain peak in search of diamonds, but also get down just as quickly.

Not only that, but the bouncecaps will also affect your troops.

If your troops follow after you and run over the bouncecaps they will also get the temporary immunity to fall damage and be able to jump after you safely.

This is very important if you’re rushing to the next piglin outpost or village.

How to Use Bouncecaps

Bouncecaps are rather simple to use for both you and your allies.

Once you spot a bouncecap, which you can do by seeing the soft glow that comes from the mushroom, all you will have to do is run over it.

When you run over it, your hero will be surrounded by large yellow particles for a brief moment, followed by a sound que.

The effect of the bouncecap lasts for 30 seconds. You can tell whether or not you have the effect by the glow and particles around your character, but also by the soft hum.

It is much harder to tell if your troops still have the effect or get it at all, as they do not emit a sound que.

Tips For Using Bouncecaps

Obviously, knowing that your troops can use bouncecaps is important.

There are many ravines and cliffs to cross in the map. Make sure to find a bouncecap near an edge before jumping to make sure your troops get the immunity with you.

Make sure to not wait too late before taking your leaps of faith though. It is better to run over the bouncecap one more time to make sure its effect doesn’t run out rather than lose the fall damage immunity mid jump.

What to do Next

Bouncecaps and speed wheat are very useful things that you’re met with in the early game and that will continue to be useful throughout the campaign and PVP.

There are many more things you may need to know, so be sure to check out our beginner tips for Minecraft Legends.