Minecraft Legends is not all about finding your spot under the sun and building a cozy base where you can settle down in.

You will be doing a lot of traveling in the campaign; From the Well of Fate to villages and from villages to the many spawning piglin camps. Your mount may not be enough some times.

Luckily speed wheat can be found easily and will help you cross the map in no time.

What is Speed Wheat

Speed wheat is a plant very similar to bouncecaps that spawns in virtually every biome on the map, except the jagged peaks biome.

You can easily spot speed wheat by its bright color and glowing tips.

When you and your troops run through speed wheat you will get a temporary speed boost that will help you get to where you need to go much quicker.

They don’t only help you run faster, but they can make leaps over ravines and large bodies of lava a bit easier.

Combine them with bouncecaps and there is no stopping you or your troops.

How to Use Speed Wheat

Speed wheat can be found anywhere and it is very simple to use.

All you have to do is run through the bushes to get the speed boost. You will be able to tell you got the speed boost by the explosion of particles around you.

This speed boost lasts for about 10 seconds before it expires.

You are able to tell you’ve lost the boost when the glow and sparkles around your character disappear too. There is also a soft sound that fades out as the effect wears off.

While running through the map, you can easily run through bush after bush of speed wheat to keep your speed up to its maximum.

Though, be careful, because there are plenty of things in the terrain that will slow you down.

Poison vines in the jungle, redthorn in the badlands, and mud are all things you can run into that will slow you down.

Redthorn and poison vines will also inflict damage to you and your troops. If you and your troops are fresh from a fight, be careful that these are not your downfall.

Tips for Using Speed Wheat

Speed wheat is great, but be careful when and how you use it.

With there being many things other than piglins that can damage you, be aware of your terrain as you run through speedwheat or wait while you heal.

Even if you are affected by a bouncecap, speeding over a ravine is not something your troops can do. They can easily fall and take fatal fall damage if they’ve missed the bouncecap. This is why a ramp is often a better option.

Be careful not to run into poison ivy and redthorn while you speed around, either.

What to do Next

There is going to be a lot more to learn as you enter the world of Minecraft Legends.

We have some simple beginner tips to help you get the hang of the game.