Ores have always been the core focus of Minecraft and in Minecraft Legends they are still one of your main resource. Though, you do not need to venture into caves to find them.

Ore veins can be found all over the surface in different biomes. They’re used to build many of the structures you use to siege piglin bases and defend your own.

In this article we will help you find and mine all the ore you need so you’d never run out.

What are Ore Veins

Ore veins are resources you can find in the world and mine with allays. You can recognize ore veins as they look like a crack in the ground with the ores inside them.

Some are easier to spot than others.

In total there are 4 types of ore veins you can find and mine in the world. All of these are used to build different structures. The 4 ores are:

  • Iron
  • Coal
  • Redstone
  • Diamond

How to Find and Mine Ores

Each type of ore spawns in its own biome. To find the ore vein you will have to go to that biome in search for it. Luckily, fast traveling to villages makes this much easier.

You can check which ores you can find in which biome on the map. Hovering over a biome will give you information about the area.

These ores spawn in the following area:

  • Iron – Dry savanna and forest
  • Coal – Meadow
  • Redstone – Swamp and jungle
  • Diamond – Jagged Peaks and tundra

Finding ores within the biome is a matter of chance. The world is randomly generated and so is the placement of ore veins. Explore and you will stumble upon a vein sooner or later.

To mine a certain ore you will need to unlock its upgrade at the Well of Fate or at your improvement hub. The first improvement will allow you to mine it and all other improvements will increase your carrying capacity for the ore.

When you find the ore you are searching for all you need to do is select to gather it and place your allays down.

If there are multiple ores close to each other try to place your allay down so it covers both of them.

Other Methods of Gathering Ore

Simply farming ore veins is not the only way you can get ores in the campaign or in PVP.

In the campaign the villagers reward you for protecting them. At each allied village you can find a village chest. Checking it every day rewards you with resources and sometimes you can get ores too.

In PVP, exploring is also very rewarding. The chests you find around the world won’t always contain allays.

Instead this is where you can find some ores. It’s a good way to stock up on some of them without having to travel too far from your starting base to farm.

Using Ores

Different buildings will require different ores. Below is a list of which ores are used in constructing which building:

  • Coal – Scatter tower, stun tower, kaboomery
  • Iron – Protector Tower, masonry
  • Redstone – Redstone launcher, blast tower, battle drum
  • Diamond – Frost tower, spyglass overlook, ice trap

That is not all. Spawning different golems and mobs in your army will also cost you different ores.

So, other than lapis, make sure you’re stocked up on all the ores you can get your hands on.

What to do Next

Not all ores will be found on the surface in the world of Minecraft Legends. You may expect to mine gold like you do other ore veins, but you’d be wrong.

To farm gold quickly is a lot different than just finding an ore vein and we have an article to help you.