Lapis is one of the most important resources in Minecraft Legends. It is how you summon all of your troops at their spawners and call them into battle.

Though, it’s not a resource that can be found in the world or in ore veins. Similarly to gold, it has to be farmed in a special way.

In this article we will teach you where to find lapis and how to get the most of it.

Where to Find Lapis

Lapis can’t be found like other ores can. Instead, it is dropped by piglins on death. You don’t even have to go all the way to a camp or outpost to farm it either.

Roaming piglins will also drop lapis. Simply roaming around and fighting them is a good way to steadily stock up on them.

In PVP you will also be gaining lapis passively with each day. Your lapis income can be increased with different upgrades too.

How to Farm Quickly

There is a difference between how you may find lapis in the campaign and PVP.

In PVP it is a little bit easier with the passive income, but there are multiple ways to farm up lapis in both gamemodes.

Farming Lapis in the Campaign

There are multiple ways to get lapis all throughout the campaign.

The simplest and easiest way is by defeating piglins. On death, piglins will drop lapis and gold, and larger mobs have a chance to drop a piglin key.

The other way to earn lapis is from your allied villages.

Villages you have discovered and defended will have a chest by the village fountain where you can earn some loot daily. In this chest you will get a lot of basic resources, but also a smaller amount of lapis.

Each chest has the chance to reward you with up to 200 lapis.

Farming Lapis in PVP

As soon as you spawn at your base in PVP, you have to get moving on building your defenses. Within about a minute into a game, you will have a small troop of piglins come attack you.

Because you start off with no lapis in PVP, you will have to beat this small troop yourself.

These first several waves of piglins are designed to be an easy way for you to get some lapis to start the game. By the time you beat a wave or few, you will have enough lapis to summon a few golems.

The waves of piglins will progressively get bigger, which in turn means more lapis. Though, you won’t have to rely on them forever.

By the end of the first day you will start earning lapis passively.

Each day the amount of lapis both teams get, including piglins, increases. Though, you can also increase your income yourself, by building lapis flags.

This structure increases the amount you earn every day, putting you ahead of your opponent.

Exploration is another way you can find lapis. Chests scattered around the world won’t grant you more allays in PVP. Instead, they’ll grant you resources.

On average a chest will give you 25 lapis and quite a few will spawn around your base. So, get them before your enemy does.

What to do Next

Now that you have the lapis to summon your troops you will need to also learn how to command them properly. Did you know that there are more commands you can use on your allies?

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