Your troops are your main weapons in the battle against the piglin invasion, but there are more allies to summon than just the golems.

The different mobs we know from Minecraft can also be summoned to help you in battle, but to unlock them is a bit different than unlocking golems. Creepers are especially valuable troops to have.

In this article we will show you how to do this in the campaign and versus mode.

How to Unlock Creepers in the Campaign

To unlock creepers in the campaign you will have to play through several battles before even getting the option to do so.

As you play through the campaign you will see the occasional cinematic where the different Minecraft mobs try to help you fight. You will first get to use them in a battle during a piglin base siege.

This will make mobs spawn in the world and you can rally them by running by them. Though you won’t have spawners just yet.

You will have the ability to unlock spawners after the cinematic of the skeleton falling down. This is when you will have 3 new camps appear on your map; a zombie, skeleton, and creeper camp.

These camps will be shown as if being under siege by the piglins. You will have to take the time to go to them.

These homesteads will be under attack, with all the buildings damaged. You will have to fight off the piglins and build defenses around the homestead just like you do with villages.

Once the piglins are gone make sure you build a carpenter’s hut to fix all the buildings and the flame of creation in the homestead.

Fixing this flame and the buildings will give you the ability to build a creeper spawner.

How to Keep Creepers in the Campaign

Unlike the golem spawners you can lose your creeper and other mob spawners.

Piglins will attack mob homesteads at night just like they do villages. Foresight will usually warn you about it during the day that the piglins are planning an invasion someplace.

If the piglins successfully destroy your defenses and take down the homestead you will lose your creeper spawners. To prevent this it’s not enough to just set up defenses. You will have to actually fight during the night to defend the area.

Though, even if you lose them the spawners aren’t gone for good.

Simply fixing up the area again will restore the spawners.

How to Unlock Creepers in PVP

Getting creeper spawners in PVP is a little different, but ultimately easier than it is in the campaign. For PVP mode all you will need to do is build a “summon creeper improvement”.

Before you can do that, however, you will need to do a few other things.

The first is to build the improvement hub. You’ll need a few of them, but this is where you build all of your upgrades for PVP.

Then, you’ll need the “improvement: gather coal” upgrade.

For these upgrades you’ll need plenty of lapis, so be sure to stock up on it before you get working on building these improvements.

Coal is used in summoning creepers, so you’ll need plenty of it.

What to do Next

Because you’ll be needing coal to summon all your creepers and then plenty more other resources to be summoning all your other mobs.

You’ll need to know a lot about ore veins and where to find them in order to stock up on them. Our article can teach you about it.