If you want to know where to get Turquoise Pigment in New World, I’ve got good news for you: it’s really easy to find and you don’t need to level up your Harvesting skill to get your hands on it.

The only downside here is that there aren’t many plants in one location, so if someone beat you to it then you might have to wait a little time for a respawn, or try to find one elsewhere.

That said, here’s how to get it using the exact method that I did.

How to Get Turquoise Pigment

The first thing you need to know here is that to get Turquoise Pigment, you’ll need to harvest a Turquoise Prismabloom plant.

You’ll be able to harvest Turquoise Prismabloom at a Harvesting skill level of 1, so all you need to do is ensure you’ve got a sickle equipped.

turquoise prismabloom

Once you’re in the right location these plants should be easy to spot as they’re bright and blue in the grass, unlike when you’re trying to track down certain animals and they can sometimes be hard to spot blending into the scenery.

Where to Find Turquoise Prismabloom

I managed to find Turquoise Prismabloom on the north side of the Broad Fishing Spot in Windsward, west of Greenhaven and north-east of Grenville.

turquoise prismabloom broad fishing hotspot

If you’re on the wooden jetty at this Broad Fishing Hotspot, turn around and head in almost completely the opposite direction — but head up the grassy hill rather than towards the landmark.

There was only one plant here, but I did get two quantities of Turquoise Pigment from it.

What is Turquoise Pigment Used For?

Pigments in New World can be used to create dyes when crafting. A turquoise pigment can therefore be used to make a turquoise colored dye. This dye can then be used to dye your clothing in a particular color, making characters in the game have a potentially huge number of unique looks rather than other MMORPGs where the majority of people are wearing similar armor.

turquoise pigment use

If you need this in a large quantity then you might be in for a hard time as there aren’t many plants in a close proximity to one another and they don’t respawn after just a few seconds like some other items like when you’re getting Briar Buds to acquire Weak Mana Potions.