There are many different fish types in New World, and many of them have unique items that you can acquire only from fishing them.

Some creatures that you can fish are not even fish — like snails that can be turned into snail bait.

Either way, rare fish can provide items such as Tender Fish Filet, Fish Oil, Catfish Whiskas, and so many others.

Most fishes, nails, and whatever else you fish will be used for Cooking, but there are items that can be used for Alchemy too, and therefore are much more valuable.

So, whether you just want to get bigger fish or need a specific alchemy ingredient to make any sort of special potion, this guide will tell you where to get rare fish in New World.

You Can Find Rare Fish Anywhere in New World

About to Fish

Truth to be told, you can find rare fish almost anywhere that has a body of water, as long as you can fish there.

Finding rare fish is much more about probability than it is about location. Meaning, the place where you’re fishing most likely has rare fish there, but the chances of getting them can vary.

Generally speaking, the chances of getting rare fish depend much more on the fishing pole and the bait that you’re using.

You can find rare fish even if you are using the most basic fishing pole and no bait at all. However, it will be like winning the lottery.

To make that happen more frequently — even though it will still be not very common — you must go for a better fishing pole and a better bait.

If you’re using the first basic Fishing Pole that you get in the game, it is about time you learn how to get a better Fishing Pole in New World.

Fish at Hotspots

These places are great for Fishing, especially if you’re trying to figure out how to level up fishing fast in New World.

Hotspots are places within rivers or the sea where you can see fishes jumping out of the water. By throwing your hook exactly where the hotspot is, you will get a bite much quicker, and you also have a much greater chance of catching a rare fish.

These places are undoubtedly the best ones to farm and consistently get fish of better quality in the game. However, hotspots can be depleted, and you might need to wait for them to respawn in order to benefit from that hotspot again.

The more you fish, the higher your Fishing gathering skill level gets, and the easier it is to find other hotspots.

That means that the better your character gets at Fishing, the more places you have that grant you a much higher chance of getting rare fish, making your life easier over time.

Always Have the Best Baits

As mentioned before, the bait you use makes a significant difference in the kind of fish you get. So just make sure you have the best type of bait with you when fishing. They’re not hard to find.

When it comes to saltwater, you want to use Glowworm Bait or Electric Eel Bait. The first can be found by collecting Flints during nighttime, the second by salvaging fished Eels.

However, freshwater fishes like different kinds of bait. So, to fish effectively in freshwater, you need to have Firefly bait — which can come from Bulrush Plants or Briar Plants — or Oyster Bait — which you get by salvaging fished Oysters.

Alternatively, you can always buy the bait you need in case you don’t feel like going out and collecting them. Chances are, you can even make some gold by selling the Fish Filet you get from all fish that wasn’t rare, then use that money to buy more bait.

How to Catch Rare Fish More Often

As mentioned before, you will need the best perks, fishing rods, and baits to have a better shot at catching these rare fishes. If you are looking to get the legendary fishes, go to their respective region and farm the hotspots there.

The best way to get them will be through increasing your 3-star hotspots which are gated through levels. Make sure you utilize your perks. If you have bonuses for fishing in saltwater, try to focus on fishing in saltwater to improve your legendary drop rates.

Final Thoughts

Since getting rare fish is mostly a matter of how than where, by following our tips, you should be able to increase your chances of getting them.

Better fishing poles combined with hotspots and good baits will make sure the fish biting your hook is of a better quality than whatever you’d be getting from a regular river with a basic fishing pole with no bait.

Remember, the more fish you get, the more Fishing experience, meaning higher levels of the gathering skill. Eventually, you will know where all hotspots are by traveling around — as long as your Fishing is at a higher level.

There are fishing poles that provide bonuses to Fishing during daytime or nighttime, too, so make sure you craft the best fishing poles you can whenever you can.