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Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane is a professional Warzone streamer who currently streams on Facebook Gaming.

The Canadian-born first made a name of himself playing Fortnite, and gained a fairly modest amount of following playing the battle royale game before moving onto Warzone full-time in early 2020.

Since then, ZLaner has continued to grow to become one of the most recognizable figures in the Warzone community. He is also known for playing with DrDisRespect on Warzone, with the duo achieving multiple high-placed finishes in large Warzone tournaments and providing some of the best entertainment in the game whilst doing so.

Due to popular demand, today we’re going to take a look at the ZLaner Warzone settings.

After that, we will take a look at the gaming peripherals that he uses to dominate his Warzone lobbies.


Setting NameZLaner Controller Settings
BR Button LayoutDefault
Stick Layout PresetDefault
Invert Vertical LookDisabled
Horizontal Stick Sensitivity7
Vertical Stick Sensitivity7
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (Low Zoom)0.90
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (High Zoom)1.00
Aim Response Curve TypeDynamic
Controller VibrationDisabled
Aim AssistStandard
Scale Aim Assist With FOVDisabled
Weapon Mount ActivationADS + Melee
Weapon Mount Movement ExitEnabled
Aim Down Sight BehaviorHold
Equipment BehaviorHold
Use/Reload BehaviorContextual Tap
Depleted Ammo Weapon SwitchDisabled
Armor Plate BehaviorApply All
Slide BehaviorTap
Auto Move ForwardDisabled
Automatic SprintAutomatic Tactical Sprint
Vehicle Camera RecenterDisabled
Parachute Auto-DeployDisabled

Like JoeWo, ZLaner has also decided to stick to the basics and use the default BR Button Layout. One core difference is that ZLaner’s sensitivity is higher, sticking it up at 7 for both horizontal and vertical aim. So 7/7 is what you need to rock if you’re looking to mimic the ZLaner sensitivity and settings.

ZLaner has a K/D of around 6.0 and he uses a variety of settings to help achieve this, along with his incredible natural talent and abilities that he’s gained from lots of practise and dedication.

It’s interesting to note that he uses Auto Tac Sprint, a common setting for Warzone players and streamers but something that isn’t liked in the competitive Call of Duty community. Still, this is Warzone, and everyone looks for every advantage they can get. Most players will use Auto Tac Sprint.

There are other common settings that most top players will also use including Contextual Tap as his Use/Reload Behavior, which every player will use when looking to maximize their speed and efficiency in Verdansk.

To have the ZLaner CoD settings you’ll want to use Dynamic Aim Response Curve rather than Standard or Linear.

What’s slightly unique is that ZLaner uses a 0.9 Low Zoom Multiplier but a 1.00 High Zoom Multiplier, where players would usually have the same figure for both.

Image Credit: ZLaner / YouTube

Aside from ZLaner’s sens and settings, another important area that we are going to take a look at is his gaming setup. More specifically, we will take a look at what controller ZLaner uses, along with his monitor, headset, microphone, mic arm, chair, and more.

Though getting the right settings for your play style is important, your gaming setup can also have a fairly big impact on your in-game performance.


Funnily enough, ZLaner, who actively plays with DrDisrespect actually uses a custom DrDisrespect Scuf Infinity4PS PRO controller. You can get the very same controller for around $200. Alternatively, you can customize it to your own liking by visiting the Scuf website.

If you’ve been wondering if ZLaner plays on mouse or keyboard, well, now you know.


At the moment, ZLaner makes use of the super impressive Alienware AW2721D, which is one of the best monitors on the market.

The 27″ HDR 1440p QHD display boasts a performance like no other. Thanks to the 1ms response time and lightning-fast 240 Hz refresh rate, this monitor is truly one of a kind.


ZLaner currently makes use of the wired Logitech G Pro Headset, which is quite popular in the Warzone community due to its decent audio features and relatively affordable price point when compared to the top-priced products in the space.


Like Scump, ZLaner also makes use of the awesome Shure SM7B.

If you only plan on gaming, you don’t need to go for a multiple hundred dollar microphone as the microphone from the Logitech G Pro Headset will do just fine.

The sole reason why all of these top tier players use the Shure SM7B is because they also stream, which is where it comes in very handy in achieving the best possible audio output.


Like many other pro Warzone players in the likes of Tommey and Symfuhny, ZLaner has also invested over $1,000 into one of the community’s favorite gaming chairs, the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody. It is comfortable, durable, very ergonomic, and also a little too pricy for the average gamer.

At best, you can probably get this gaming chair for under $1,000 if you go for a second-hand purchase.

Final Thoughts

Copying the sensitivity and controller settings of pro players like ZLaner is a great way to put yourself in the right direction. Sure, when you first implement ZLaner’s settings, you might play worse than before but that is only because you haven’t yet adjusted your playstyle to those settings.

Please keep in mind that just because you are using the settings of a pro player, that doesn’t mean that you will be as successful as them. Everyone has a different playstyle and as a result, what works for ZLaner might not work for you.