Loyalty has been an important part of Ultimate Team for a number of years and it’s very simple to understand.

However, if this is the first time you’ve dabbled in Ultimate Team, or perhaps you’ve just never understood how loyalty works, this guide will tell you everything there is to know about loyalty in FIFA 22.

It’s simple but is an important thing to wrap your head around to make the most out of your team chemistry and Squad Building Challenges (SBCs).

So, if you want to know how to get loyalty in FIFA 22, or how to do the loyalty glitch in FIFA 22, read on.

What is Loyalty?

Every player that has loyalty gets an extra one chemistry, allowing you to get 10 chemistry from just two orange links (e.g. on your left or right back in a 4-1-2-1-2 narrow) rather than 9.

This extra chemistry can make all the difference as a 10-chemistry player has the best attributes they can have. Anything less than 10 chemistry penalizes attributes and the lower the chemistry, the worse the player plays.

Whilst extra performance out of your players is great, the most important part of loyalty comes with SBCs. For many SBCs, especially the harder League and Nations Hybrid SBC solutions, you can’t complete them without loyalty.

Loyalty also allows you to complete SBCs more easily, so whilst they may be achievable without loyalty, you may be able to do it with cheaper or lower quality players as a result of having loyalty.

How to Get Loyalty in FIFA 22

There are two ways that you can get loyalty on a player:

  • Get the player in a pack
  • Play 10 games with the player on the pitch

The first one is self-explanatory, if you’re lucky enough to pack a player (i.e. you receive them by opening a pack in the game), they automatically have loyalty.

For the 10 games, all your player needs to do is make it onto the pitch in a game. Even if they play just one minute it will contribute towards their loyalty. If you keep them on the subs bench, this doesn’t count even though they were part of the matchday squad.

If you didn’t pack your player, the only way you can get loyalty on the player is by playing them in 10 matches — or, you can find out how to do the FIFA 22 loyalty glitch.

How to Do the FIFA 22 Loyalty Glitch

The fastest way to get loyalty in FIFA 22, or a team of players, is to do the loyalty glitch. This is not really an exploit or a bug and has been in the game for many years just like the Bronze Pack Method has.

There are two different ways that you can do this glitch and the method to choose depends on whether you want to affect your win and loss record or not. As the win-draw-loss no longer shows on your Ultimate Team page, perhaps more people will be willing to do the quicker option, but most people choose the longer option to preserve their record.

The first way to do the loyalty glitch is to put all of the players you need into your team — they can be out of position and don’t need any chemistry. Then, load into a game of Squad Battles, let the game kick-off, and either pass back to your defense or let the opposition pass it around once or twice. Once this has happened (just a few seconds into the game in real-time), pause the game and quit out.

If you repeat the above 10 times, your whole team will have loyalty. That’s the quickest way to get loyalty in FIFA 22.

You will need to put contracts onto players when they run out — which often happens after 7 games if you’ve purchased players — and it’s important to note that you will not be able to play that game of Squad Battles anymore, i.e. it does count as one of your weekly games. This will also affect your record (if you care about it), meaning the quit outs count as losses.

The other option you can take does not impact your record, and the process is similar but a little more longwinded.

Add the players into your team and load them into Squad Battles using the same method as above. However, this time, once the game has kicked off and the ball has been passed around a couple of times, you’re going to disconnect from the internet. On console, you can usually do this in Settings > Network. It takes just a few seconds to disconnect and reconnect again.

Once you reconnect to the game, it will have counted as one of the ten games that your player needs for loyalty, but because you disconnected very early on and at 0-0 it doesn’t give you a loss on your record.

Repeat this process ten times and you’ll have loyalty. Again, these will count towards your weekly Squad Battles games and you won’t get points for them, and you’ll also need to apply contracts to your players if they run out.

No-Loss Loyalty Glitch Step-By-Step

  1. Place all of the players you need loyalty on into your starting 11. Chemistry doesn’t matter.
  2. Load into a game of Squad Battles and let the game kick-off (play a couple of passes too for good measure).
  3. Open your settings and disconnect from the internet, then immediately reconnect.
  4. Go back into a new game of Squad Battles, repeating this process ten times.

An Alternative Option: FUT Friendlies

There’s another option you could look into if you don’t want any losses on your record at all, and you don’t even need to disconnect from the internet. However, with this option, you’re going to annoy a lot of people and we don’t recommend it.

The way to do this is to load into friendlies on Ultimate Team — any kind of friendly will do, but you should probably avoid the FUT Live Friendlies due to their squad requirements — and then quit out.

You don’t get a loss for this, you don’t lose contracts either, but you do gain a match played towards the loyalty count.

Doing it this way is very frowned upon, and we recommend doing it via the other methods listed above. Be a good sport.