Having quick defenders is quite literally the only solution to stopping pacy strikers and wingers in their tracks. In FIFA 22, pace proves to be yet again, more important than ever, which basically means that if your defense lacks pace, your chances of winning games will be dramatically reduced, especially if you’re playing against semi-decent players.

Most good defenders out there cost quite a lot of coins, and in this article, I wanted to highlight a few names, which you can buy for fraction of the cost, or as we say, on a budget while still being able to take advantage of the high pace that these players offer.

Here are my recommendations for fast cheap defenders on ultimate team in FIFA 22.

Fast Cheap Left Backs on Ultimate Team in FIFA 22

Having a quick left-back is crucial to defending against pacy wingers. Without a fast left-back, your opponent’s wingers will easily go through your defense and create many scoring opportunities.

To avoid that, get yourself one of the below recommendations.

Paulo Otávio – 76 – Bundesliga

Paulo is the 5th fastest LB on FIFA 22 with 91 pace on his FIFA 22 card. He’s only second in terms of pace in the Bundesliga to the Canadian Alphonso Davies, who has 96 pace but costs in times more than the Brazilian.

Currently, the 1994-born plays for the German VfL Wolfsburg. His overall card rating is 76, which is partly due to the rest of his stats.

Aside from his 91 pace, Paulo also boasts 55 shooting, 67 passing, 77 dribbling, 70 defending, and just 59 physical, which isn’t impressive at all for a defender.

However, you can certainly rely on his pace to keep all those pacy strikers and wingers at bay, especially on counter-attacks. So, if you’re looking for a cheap LB in FIFA 22, the Brazilian is a great choice.

Zaidu Sanusi – 76 – Liga NOS

The Nigerian international, Zaidu Sanusi is the 3rd fastest LB in FIFA 22. He’s also amongst the cheapest defenders you’ll come across, making it a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking to build a Nigerian or a Liga NOS (Portugal) squad.

His staggering 93 pace, make him a strong favorite for the fastest cheap defender on FIFA 22. Despite his fast pace, he’s only rate 76, which is due to some of his other stats, which are far from impressive.

His shooting for example is only 36, which is nearly 2x as worse than any of other fast LB on FIFA 22 as a whole. The 2nd worst LB (as far as I’ve seen) in terms of shooting is probably
Pervis Estupiñán who only has 82 pace.

As for the rest of his stats, Zaidu has 57 passing, 66 dribbling, 72 defending, and 72 physical, which is pretty average.

Maxwel Cornet – 75 – Premier League

The Cote d’Ivoire LB international Maxwel Cornet is the 2nd fastest LB in the Premier League. The Burnley player has 86-pace and is in times cheaper than the 1st LB for pace in the PL – Sergio Regulion Rodriguez who plays for Tottenham Hotspur.

Despite his 75 overall rating, he’s one of the most balanced cheap and fast left-backs on FIFA 22. His FIFA 22 card has 75 shooting, 70 passing, 74 dribbling, 67 defending, and 77 physical.

If you’re building a PL squad on a budget, then Maxwel is definitely your guy for the LB position. You won’t regret having him play for you.

Adrià Pedrosa – 75 – La Liga

adria pedrosa

And last but not least – for the LB position, we have the Spanish Adria Giner Pedrosa. The 1998-born RCD Espanyol player boasts 89 pace, which makes him not only the fastest La Liga LB on FIFA 22 but also the fastest Spanish LB.

So, whether you’re building a Spanish or a La Liga Santander team, make sure to make him part of your squad. He’s super affordable and his pace will definitely pay off in the number of goals you can prevent.

As for the rest of his stats, he’s super balanced. Adria’s FIFA 22 card boasts 60 shooting, 69 passing, 75 dribbling, 69 defending, and 69 physical.

Fast Cheap Right Backs on Ultimate Team in FIFA 22

Now that I’ve shown you some of the best cheap and fast left-backs on FIFA 22, let’s take a look at the opposite side of the pitch, the right-back position.

Ryan Fredericks – 76 – Premier League

If you’re looking to build a Premier League or an English squad on FIFA 22 ultimate team, go on the marketplace and buy Ryan Fredericks right now.

He hardly costs any coins and is the 4th fastest right back in FIFA 22. With pace set at 91, the 1992-born Englishman is easily the best choice for RB as far as cost vs pace is concerned.

He is rated 76, and that is partly due to his other stats, which are far from being as impressive as his pace. Despite that, he still boasts 51 shooting, 66 passing, 73 dribbling, 70 defending, and 69 physical.

He’s not the strongest, but his pace will help you catch those pacy strikers and wingers and prevent them from creating goal-scoring opportunities.

Sergiño Dest – 76 – La Liga

The Barcelona star, Sergiño Dest has 87 pace on FIFA 22. This makes him the fastest La Liga player on par with Jesus Navas, who also has 87 pace but costs in times more.

The 2000-born American has an overall rating of 76, which is far from impressive but he’s only young, and to already be in the first team of FC Barcelona goes to show what potential he has for Barca and your team too.

As for his other stats, his FIFA 22 card has 59 shooting, 72 passing, 81 dribbling, 67 defending, and 66 physical.

His dribbling and pace can be the perfect combination for making him not only a great RB but also a player who can push high up the pitch. and even temporarily play as a winger so you can more effectively populate the box – in a similar fashion to how Jordi Alba plays.

Álvaro Odriozola – 79 – Serie A

The Spanish 1995-born RB currently plays for the Serie A’s Fiorentina. He’s the fastest cheap RB in the whole of the Italian league with a pace of 84.

He’s not only pretty quick, but is also amongst the most affordable quick defenders in FIFA 22. So, if you’re looking to build a Spanish or a Serie A squad, Alvaro is one player that you definitely need to consider.

As for his other stats, he has 55 shooting, 71 passing, 75 dribbling, 74 defending, and 65 physical. He stands at just 5’9″/176cm, which isn’t particularly great but his pace will definitely come out on top.

Youcef Atal – 76 – Ligue 1


Planning on building a Ligue 1 team? Make sure to check out Youcef Atal. The Algerian RB has 90 pace, making him the 5th fastest RB on FIFA 22 – on par with Juan Cuadrado, who costs in times more than the 1996-born OGC Nice player.

What’s also worth mentioning is that this player has 4-star skills and a 5-star weak foot. You can definitely rely on him to do some awesome skills like the Rabona – once you learn how to do the Rabona in FIFA 22 that is.

Fast Cheap Center Backs on Ultimate Team in FIFA 22

Now that you have your LB and RB, it’s time for you to pick the two fastest and cheapest CB to complete your squad. Here’s a breakdown of the fastest and cheapest CB’s in FIFA 22.

Ben Godfrey – 77 – Premier League

If you’re looking to build a Premier League or an English ultimate team, then Ben Godfrey will literally be a godsend. The 77-rated English CB who currently plays for Everton FC boasts 83 pace.

The 1998-born is ranked as one of the fastest center backs in FIFA 22 as a whole, and costs in times less than any of the other top four CB in terms of speed.

He stands at 6’0″/183cm and when you combine his pretty average height with 82 physical and 76 defending, you get a very decent CB that is both fast and super affordable compared to other defenders of his caliber in the Premier League.

As for his other stats, his FIFA 22 card has 44 shooting, 61 passing, and 66 dribbling – not super impressive but definitely worth his price point. In my opinion, he’s the best cheap cb in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Jason Denayer – 80 – Ligue 1

He currently plays for the Ligue 1’s Olympique Lyonnais, so whether you’re trying to build a Ligue 1 or a Belgian squad, you won’t find a better CB than Jason.

Aside from his pretty impressive pace, he stands at 6’0″/184cm in height, and in combination with 81 defense and 81 physical, you can rest assured that he’ll take care of any situation that he’s put up against.

As for the rest of his stats, Jason does have one of the worst shootings for any gold CB, rated at 43. Aside from that, his FIFA 22 card has 67 passing and 71 dribbling, which are very decent stats for a CB.

Ritchie De Laet – 75 – 1A Pro League

For the few of your looking to build a 1A Pro League or a full Belgium squad, you’ll hardly find a better option for your CB position than Ritchie De Laet.

Currently, the 1988-born Belgian professional footballer plays for Royal Antwerp FCF. His FIFA 22 card has 83 pace, 51 shooting, 64 passing, 69 dribbling, 76 defending, and 78 physical.

He definitely isn’t the strongest player out there, but he is one of the most complete. And, for the price you can get him, it’s practically a steal.

Joško Gvardiol – 75 – Bundesliga

The Croatian CB from the Bundesliga’s RB Leipzig proves to be another fantastic choice for a fast and cheap CB. His FIFA 22 card boasts 83 pace, 54 shooting, 67 passing, 71 dribbling, 71 defense, and 83 physical.

This makes the 2002-born not only the youngest CB in our list but also the best cheap CB as far as the Bundesliga is concerned.

Final Thoughts

Having quick defenders across all four positions (5 if your play with 5 at the back) will prove crucial in FIFA 22 where pace is more important than ever.

Now that you know the best cheap and fast defenders in ultimate team in FIFA 22, all there is left for you to do is pick the ones that you want to make part of your squad.

For the players listed above, you hardly need to have a lot of coins (perhaps with some exceptions, which are a little costlier than others – mainly due to the division they play in), but aside from that, the above-mentioned players are really amongst the fastest on FIFA 22 as a whole. The fact that you can get them super cheap is also super advantageous.

Let me know how you get on and if you have any other recommendations that I should include as part of this list.