In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete the Seven-League Boots SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

This is the second in the Hybrid Leagues section of Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), after the Give Me Five SBC.

We don’t want to just give you a ‘copy and paste’ solution here. Why? Because this attracts price fixers that snap up the items everyone needs for their SBC and lists them at very high prices.

Instead, we’re going to give you an example that you can copy if you want to, but we’re also going to break down exactly what you need to do and where you need your green and orange chemistry links so that you can go and complete this in the cheapest way possible.

The cheapest way is to figure out which players you can use that aren’t recommended elsewhere, and we’ll tell you how below.

The prize for completing this one is a Prime Electrum Players Pack, which gives you 6 gold and 6 silver players, with half of them rare and one guaranteed to be a minimum rating of 80 or above.

Seven League Boots SBC Solution for FIFA 22

Here’s an example solution for the Seven-League Boots SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team:

Photo credit: FUTBIN

This is quite an easy one to complete but be careful — look up a few of the players first to make sure they’ve not been overpriced by eager SBC price fixers. For example, at the time of writing this post, Skov (RM) costs over 3,000 coins just because of SBCs.

If you need an alternative solution to the above, or perhaps a cheaper option, how do you achieve it?

What Does the Seven-League Boots SBC Require?

To complete this SBC, you need:

  • Exactly 7 leagues
  • A maximum of 3 players from the same league
  • A minimum rating of 78
  • Minimum chemistry of 85

Some of these requirements are almost redundant.

There is actually one requirement that’s fully irrelevant — same club count: max 3. We didn’t even include it above due to the maximum of 3 players from one league rule. After all, if you can’t have more than 3 players from the same league, how could you have more than 3 players from the same club?

The chemistry one can also effectively be overlooked as you can complete this SBC with 11 players all of the same nationality, meaning they’re all orange links at a minimum and therefore you’ll have 100 chemistry, presuming all players are in the correct position. Note: they don’t all need to be in the correct position as only 85 chemistry is needed.

As chemistry is so easy on this one, you won’t need to learn how to do the loyalty glitch either.

When I did this, I did use Denmark as my nation of choice but I managed to switch out the most expensive player in the side (Damsgaard) for a silver player, by making use of the higher rated Kjaer in defense that I’d received in a pack.

How to do the Seven-League Boots SBC in FIFA 22

Whilst completing this Squad Building Challenge is fairly easy, there are a few important things you need to remember:

The squad rating needs to be a minimum of 78, meaning the average player in your squad must be gold, rated 78.

Because we recommend doing this with just one nation for easy chemistry, you need to find a nationality that has lots of good players (i.e. gold) that also play all over the world. English players are not good for this, for example, because almost all of their gold-level players play in the English Premier League, but for this SBC we need to use exactly 7 different leagues.

The best nationalities to use for this are; Argentinian, Brazilian, Colombian, Portuguese and Belgian. There will be other countries you can also use, such as Danish used in the example featured earlier in this post, but because they have lower amounts of gold players it reduces the supply that you can tap into, meaning prices are usually higher — especially during busy times when everyone is trying to complete the same SBCs.

The most important thing to remember is you need exactly seven leagues. So, what you can do is buy 3 players from the same league to start with, then buy another 3 players of the same nationality from a different league, then make sure every other player you put into the team has a unique league.

Or, you can go for 3 players from the same league, 2 players from a different league, 2 players from another different league, then a unique league for the remaining players.

If all of your players are in the correct positions, you actually only need ten players from the same nationality and then you can put any other player in as long as they have a high enough rating.

Or, as shown in the Denmark example from earlier, you can put a player in out of position — the solution above doesn’t have a goalkeeper but still meets the minimum required chemistry of 85.

So, there you have it, the easy way to complete the Seven League Boots SBC in FIFA 22, without being overcharged for your players.

Up next is The Whole Nine Yards SBC.