Cherry blossom trees are completely unique trees that can be found in the world of Minecraft that bring a splash of color to almost any landscape.

Beautiful and pink in color, finding them can be hard right off the bat, but once you find them you’ll definitely want to bring a tree back with you to your base. Luckily, just like growing mangrove trees, growing a cherry blossom is also pretty straight forward.

In this article we will show you how to grow and use cherry blossoms in Minecraft.

Finding a Cherry Blossom Grove

Cherry blossom groves are pretty small biomes that you can run into in your Minecraft world.

While other biomes can stretch out for quite a long distance, cherry blossom groves are relatively small in size. They fit a small cluster of trees or even a single tree, as I’ve found in some of my worlds.

You can spot this small biome from afar, though, thanks to the brightly colored grass and pink petals trees and flowers. The grass color is also much brighter than other biomes and there are pink petal particles falling from the trees, similar to azaleas.

Usually they spawn near meadows and they will always be elevated, on the side of a mountain or on a hill of their own.

This biome is uncommon to find.

Growing a Cherry Blossom

Like with most trees, to get a cherry sapling you will have to either chop down the cherry blossom or break its leaves.

When tree leaves break they have a small chance of dropping that tree’s sapling.

This can be done by chopping a tree down and leaving the leaves to decay and break on their own or simply by breaking the leaves yourself. Tree leaves can be broken by your hand or by any tool other than sheers.

Once you have picked up your cherry blossom sapling, you can plant it on any dirt type block to grow it.

Cherry saplings will grow on the following:

  • Grass block
  • Dirt block
  • Coarse dirt
  • Rooted dirt
  • Mycelium
  • Podzol
  • Moss block
  • Mud
  • Muddy mangrove roots

When you place down the cherry sapling you have to wait for it to grow. Any sapling will grow after a short bit, given that it has enough space for the tree to grow into.

This means you can’t grow a cherry tree in a small enclosed space.

The amount of space you will need is about as big as you’d need to grow a giant mushroom.

You can speed up the speed at which a cherry sapling grows by using bonemeal on the sapling. You will have to likely use several bonemeal until the tree grows into size.

What to do Next

If you enjoy the bright pink that the cherry blossoms give the environment, then you may be missing some color in your Minecraft world.

There are a total of 16 different color dyes you can find in Minecraft and use them on various decorative blocks and items, as well as your armor. Combining different dyes together gives you a nearly endless rainbow of different colors and hues.

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