Speed Bridging (also written as Speedbridging) is a technique that became popular in Multiplayer Minecraft servers and was used in minigames.

As the name states it’s a way to build a bridge really quickly. Usually this can be hard, especially when the bridge is just a single line with a big drop underneath you. Knowing how to speed bridge without falling to your death can come in handy in some of these servers.

There’s several different techniques and the key is to chose which one you are most comfortable with.

Speed Bridge Techniques in Minecraft

Like I have mentioned there’s several different techniques that people have developed over the years. In my opinion they are all equally good, but require quite a bit of practice to get the hang of.

In essence they all revolve around finding a safe way to move backwards whilst building your bridge without falling right off.

If you ever built anything high up in Minecraft, you certainly learned that sneaking or crouching keeps you safe as it prevents you from falling off the edge of blocks. To speed bridge you do the same thing, except much faster.

Some of the most common techniques are:

  • Breezily bridging (also known as strafe)
  • The angle technique
  • Ninja technique

All of these techniques rely on building up speed and accuracy as you build. Feel free to try them out yourself and see which one fits you the best.

You can also find many online servers where you can practice Speed bridging if you don’t fancy doing it alone.

If you aren’t doing this in creative and instead rely solely on items and blocks you yourself collect, you might need to find a good way on how to dupe the items you need. This can also help for practice in your survival world.

The Breezily Bridging Technique

This is a simple technique that doesn’t require much else other than swift movement. Unlike the other two popular techniques this one does not actually use the sneak or crouch action.

Instead it purely depends on strifing; moving from side to side while also moving backwards.

With the way you move side to side instead of moving directly backwards it allows you to see the side of the block to place down the next one without coming close enough to the edge to fall off.

The trick lies in altering your direction from left to right (and vice versa) on the middle of each block so you won’t fall. If you alter the direction from the edge of a block you are very likely going to fall down.

On the image below you can see the illustrated path you should take to preform this technique.

The Ninja Technique

This technique is one that does utilize the sneak/crouch mechanic. I found it a little bit harder than the breezily technique.

The way it works is simple, in theory.

Just like with the previous technique you are moving backwards, but with this one you do so in a straight line. As soon as you reach the edge of the block you press your SHIFT key to crouch down to prevent yourself from falling and you place your block.

Getting the timing right feels tricky, but with enough practice you can eventually manage it.

The Angle Technique

The Angle Technique, like the name suggests, almost completely relies on having the right angle while Bridging.

It’s all about angling your view while looking down so that you can place the block while moving along the block. For this technique you’re not really moving backwards, but more so to the side at an angle.

This angle allows you to get a view of the block you’re standing on and place down the next block before falling over the edge. That way you do not need to crouch down because you won’t be reaching the edge as you move.

It’s just the tiniest bit risky, but it’s one of the faster ways to bridge, according to some. For me it was difficult getting the angle just right while practicing, so it wasn’t the technique for me.


Remember, Practice Makes Perfect

With each technique when you start off you’ll find yourself struggling. Trust me, I certainly have because it has been several years since I played on a minigame server.

That being said, I fell, my fingers got tired, and I got frustrated too. All of that is to be expected.

You might die many times over. If you’re playing in your own survival world you’ll have to constantly find where you died and recollect your items.

Have patience with yourself and simply practice and eventually you’ll get it down. Something that is easy for someone else may not be easy for you.

Remember to try out all of these techniques until one seems to fit your playstyle.