Pink Slime is unfortunately only available with Minecraft mods. However, for those who enjoy modded gameplays, the object is a handy resource to have. 

With FTB modpacks being extremely popular, this item, along with other resources such as bronze, is a good addition. Pink slime is both a solid and fluid block from a mod known as “Industrial Foregoing”. This specific mod has a lot of uses in machines, energy, storage, and more.

The asset itself isn’t as straightforward to get as one might think. However, obtaining the materials needed to create it is pretty manageable.

Still, be aware that the “Mob Slaughter Factory” is an essential part of the process.

How to Get The Mob Slaughter Factory

First, you need to build a Mob Slaughter Factory by adding the following to a crafting table:

  • Plastic in the top left and right corners.
  • Iron Swords on the left and right of the middle row.
  • Iron Axes on the left and right of the bottom row.
  • Gold Gear at the center of the top row.
  • Machine Casing in the center of the middle row.
  • Redstone Dust in the center of the bottom row.

How to Use The Mob Slaughter Factory

Once you’ve created a mob slaughter farm, the next thing you’ll need is to find a way to feed the machine effectively. The processing of mobs through the factory produces liquid meat and pink slime in “millibuckets”. 

Once you reach 1000 “millibuckets”, or mBs, you’ll have a bucket of pink goo.

There are two approaches to getting enough mobs to throw in the machine. The first and easiest is passive mobs.

With Passive Mobs

Passive mobs won’t attack you on sight, making them easier to herd. Additionally, you can also breed them to populate your system further. 

The second and more challenging option is to generate a mob spawner.

With Mob Spawner

Creating a dark space with water to lead the newly spawned mobs to a funnel has its perks since you won’t need to feed the system manually. This is usually called a mob farm in Minecraft.

In addition, the millibucket yields base themselves on the entity’s HP. Once you’ve set up your spawning system and your mob slaughter factory, you’re ready to profit.

Now, let’s see how the mechanism works in more detail.

How The Mob Slaughter Yields Pink Slime

The Mob Slaughter Factory runs on energy, needing 1000 RF per kill from the energy buffer. The buffer refills at 40 RF/tick. Therefore, this means it will work continuously, once every 25 ticks. 

Every slaughter procedure deals 300 damage to all mobs in the factory’s area. So, each machine kill produces five millibuckets per HP of liquid meat, alongside one millibucket per HP of pink goo.

When you first build the Mob Slaughter Factory, the kill zone is the three squares directly in front of the factory.

However, there are range add-ons available to increase the working kill zone for the factory, providing significant grinding potential.

The advantage of FTB is that it includes mods that allow the creation of spawners that, when given power, can spawn certain types of mobs within a 4-block radius. For example, Ender IO Spawner. 

With Ender IO, you can set mob types on a spawner using broken spawners.

So, to get broken spawners, you need to break vanilla spawners. Additionally, although polar bears are the best Vanilla mob for generating Pink Slime, having enough for a mob grinder is pretty hard.

Because polar bears can’t breed, using them as a resource isn’t very effective. So instead, picking the spawner with the highest mob HP that can populate the quickest is the best move.

Still, if you decide to go with this approach, make sure you understand how Polar Bears behave in Minecraft.

Every 1000 millibuckets makes a bucket of pink goo.

So a cow or a pig in the machine would grant 50mB of Liquid Meat and 10mB of the goo; this means that for every 100 cows or pigs killed, you will get a bucket of pink Slime plus five buckets of liquid meat. 

Spawning speed and capacity are more critical than mob choice in the initial stages. So, don’t tire yourself by picking the mob type you’ll use.

When you’ve gathered enough buckets of pink goo, grab them and find a clear and flat space. Then, release the bucket’s content onto the ground and wait 30-60 seconds. 

The bucket’s liquid turns into a pink-colored mob! Finally, when the fluid stream stops, it’s similar to removing a water source. Then, kill the tiny creature and claim your pink slime ball.

The slime item you get through this method is characteristically like Vanilla Minecraft’s. The main differences between the two are how you harvest them.

For example, some would prefer to go and set up a regular slime farm, while others wouldn’t want the hassle of finding a slime chunk, digging it, and building the farm. However, pink slime doesn’t rely on regular chunks or location, just spawning and killing speed.

The machine produces pink slime alongside liquid meat, which provides pretty poor saturation akin to cookies. 

When stocked with liquid meat, the meat feeder will feed the player whenever they’re hungry. A minority of players use liquid meat and the meat feeder to avoid consuming their crops.

After all, why eat tradable crops when you can eat ground by-products of mass slaughtered mobs?

Finally, the pink-colored goo has different uses apart from spawning the slimes. For instance, you can create pink ingots with two buckets of pink liquid, iron ingots, and a fluid sieving machine.

Pink slime ingots are primarily helpful in a washing factory or can turn into crystalline ingots for Ender IO. Additionally, the curse of vanishing enchantment is also part of industrial foregoing.