In Minecraft surviving can become quite challenging at times and if you’re struggling to keep the durability on your shield, armor, or sword, you can go for ranged attacks.

However, it’s not like choosing a bow and arrow as a primary weapon is going to be easy.

For instance, it will still take you quite a bit of work to have a sufficient number of arrows. Therefore, expect to search for feathers and collect flint from gravel for a pretty decent time before stepping into danger with a bow.

Nevertheless, there is a method with which you’ll be able to avoid any of these tedious tasks and still enjoy shooting enemies with arrows.

So, let’s find out how to get the infinity enchantment in Minecraft quickly and easily.

What is the Infinity Enchantment

In Minecraft, the infinity enchantment only affects bows. It is one of the best bow enchantments that you should get your hands on. The effect of this enchantment is to allow the player to shoot arrows infinitely.

The infinity enchantment can work fine with other enchantments. However, you cannot combine it with the “mending” enchantment.

Additionally, the arrows must be normal, meaning that spectral arrows, for example, won’t do the trick.

It’s essential to understand that you must have at least one arrow in your inventory for this enchantment to work. The arrow will never disappear from the inventory even after shooting the bow.

Finally, you won’t be able to retrieve any of the arrows you shot while wielding a bow with the infinity enchantment.

How to Get the Infinity Enchantment

Although the enchantment seems like something legendary, there are plenty of ways of getting it quickly – just like there are plenty of ways to dupe items in Minecraft – so let’s check those methods out.


Let’s start with the hardest one. Non-ironically, one of my favorite in-game activities, which I know can be hugely tedious, is fishing.

I provides a good amount of random stuff apart from fish, making it quite resourceful.

For instance, it’s not that uncommon to fish out enchanted items and even enchantment books. I remember fishing out an enchanted fishing rod in one of my Minecraft runs, which had the luck of the sea.

From there on, getting better items became way easier by fishing.

So, by fishing, one can hit the jackpot and pull an enchanted book with the infinity trait. However, relying solely on this method will be a huge risk since it can take a pretty long time to get the desired enchanted book.

Note that the chance of catching an enchanted book by fishing is 0.8% with an unenchanted fishing rod.

Now, let’s see the chances of catching enchanted books with rods containing the Luck of The Sea perk.

  • Tier 1: 1.2%
  • Tier 2: 1.5%
  • Tier 3: 1.9%

It’s essential to understand that these chances are towards books containing any type of enchantment, not necessarily the infinity one.

A good way to really make your money’s worth with fishing would be to make an AFK fishing farm. That way you can fish out good loot without growing bored of simply sitting there and staring at your rod’s bobble.

Librarian Villagers

Keep an eye out for the library when you stumble into a village. If you get lucky enough to find a village with a librarian, make sure to check which items he is willing to trade.

Look for an infinity enchantment book and you’re set.

Still, there is another way of pursuing this method – by building your own village. So, if you try this approach, make sure to train as many villagers as possible to become librarians.

To make an unemployed villager become a librarian, you must make sure a lectern is somewhere close to them. One method is by enclosing baby villagers in a confined space containing some lecterns.

The chances of finding a librarian villager willing to trade an infinity enchantment book are not so slim. Yet, make sure you’re carrying at least five to nineteen emeralds, which is their typical price.

If you struggling to find a village, you can try and manually change the biomes in Minecraft.

Enchanting in The Table

The enchantment table is the most effective way of enchanting an item. Any item can come out with a new enchantment if you have the proper setup, including bows.

However, this method is not 100% certain to make you get the infinity enchantment.

For instance, since the enchantment table can give random perks, you might get unlucky by not having an alternative to acquiring the infinity enchantment.

Still, if you decide to go that route, make sure you have three lapis lazuli and your player’s level is above 30. Then, what you’ll need to do is place an item in the enchantment slot; it can be either a bow or a book and hope for the best.

Chest Loot

You can often find enchanted books on loot chests inside dungeons, mineshafts, temples, and pillager outposts, ancient cities, among others. For instance, in one of my latest Minecraft runs, I got my hands on an infinity enchanted book inside a spider spawn room in a mineshaft.

Of course, this method is just as tricky and longsome as the fishing one, but you can still achieve it.

The chances of coming across an enchanted book in a loot chest are significantly higher in library chests inside strongholds, with the chances falling somewhere between 67% to 72%.

Yet, you still have about a 14% chance of finding an enchanted book on mineshafts, dungeons, and woodland mansions.

Desert temples and water ruins provide a 21% to 23% chance, and pillager outposts have an 11% chance of containing enchanted books.

However, just like with fishing, these chances are concerning enchanted books as a whole, so you’ll rely on luck to find the infinity one.

Enchanting a Bow

Now, let’s say you successfully fished or found a book with the infinity enchantment on it, or you got lucky on the enchantment table, and now the enchanted book is in your inventory.

The next step is to make the enchanted book pass its perk to a bow.


Simply craft an anvil, go towards it, and place the bow alongside the book. As this will be in a recipe format, the resulting item will be a bow with the infinity enchantment.

What to do Next

Now that you have your bow enchanted it is very important to know how to repair a bow to prevent it from being destroyed from overtime usage.

There are enchantments that help get around this, but until you have your hands on them you will need to repair your bow in order to keep it from being destroyed and losing the enchantments on it.