Blightroot is a tier 2-3 magical plant that requires at least 30 harvesting skills to gather. It contains “death” materials used for crafting.

This guide will show you where to get Blightroot Stems in New World and what they are used for. There will be two farming spots shown and it depends on which one you prefer to follow as they are both efficient.

What Are Blightroot Stems Used For?

When you are farming Blightroot, you will be getting Blightroot Stems, Death Motes, and Blightroot Leafs. These are Tier 2-3 magical plants reagents that fall under the “Death” category.

Leveling up your Arcana skill will show you more information on this as you will be able to see a wide variety of potion crafts and the materials needed will be indicated as Tier 2 “X” Reagent – where X is the classification of the resource needed.

For Blightroot materials, you will be able to craft all these potions that require a certain tier of a Death Reagent. Blightroot Stems are tier 2 while Blightroot Leafs are tier 3 because they are harder to acquire.

Other than crafting these potions, you might encounter a few missions that require you to craft and deliver these potions for coins, town reputation, and experience points.

Where to Find Blightroot

Blightroot Loot

Blightroot can be found in ruined villages (usually where those zombie-looking, disease-spewing, monsters show). However, these locations are scattered across the New World map and some are smaller than others.

It is best to look for areas with more than 5 spawns. If you want to be efficient, you can follow the route we have in our fastest way to level up harvesting skills guide.

This harvesting route contains at least 5 different Blightroot spawns which can give you an ample amount of Blightroot Stems apart from all the other resources you get.

Best Farming Location

Blightroot Nodes Location

For a more specific farming location, this area above should contain the most Blightroot spawns and it is easily accessible early in the game. It is just north of the settlement in Windsward.

The problem is that there are many monsters here. On top of that, players roam around this area frequently because it has the Amrine Excavation which is the first Expedition (dungeons) in New World.

These Blightroot spawns might be constantly gathered by other players. However, if you come here during a server’s dead hours, you can find this farming location efficient and farm Blightroot Stems in the hundreds.

There are also a ton of quests in this area including some in the main storyline. You will find yourself in this area often and you can track objectives that are close to remind yourself to finish them when you are farming Blightroots. It is a good strategy to level up your character faster as you are multitasking.

Harvesting gives you decent experience points for leveling and combining quests will make it even faster. To put things into perspective, I leveled my harvesting skill from 30-60 and gained two whole levels while doing it without quests.