There is a lot that players can do in New World. That goes from fighting to crafting, cooking, and even fishing. It is a new MMO RPG that already provides many different kinds of gameplay and complexities for players who want to enjoy all that is in it.

However, in order to do some of those tasks the best possible way, players have to be aware of how to collect the right components for each task or craft in hand.

When it comes to fishing, using certain types of bait might significantly increase a player’s chance to achieve their goals.

Right at the beginning of the game, there are three types of bait you can find quite easily. If you want to know how to get nightcrawler bait in New World, especially right at the beginning of the game, this certainly is the guide for you.

Where and How To Get Nightcrawler Bait

Certain crafting items in New World can be taken from a tree, bush, or a dead animal — such as hide and pork meat from boars. However, baits work in a slightly different way — or at least the nightcrawler baits.

Finding nightcrawler bait depends on not only knowing where to look for them but also the time in-game that you are doing it.

If you want to find nightcrawler baits, you first have to make sure that you know where to find flints in New World.

You need to know that because there is not a place to get them, specifically when you start the game. You get this crafting item when you are collecting flints. Most of the time, after interacting with the rocks on the beach, you will get only flints, but if you keep doing it, eventually, you will get baits.

Once you figure out where flints are, you just need to do it repeatedly until you also get the baits that you are looking for.

Please note that in order to get the nightcrawler baits, you must do it during day time. Looking for the baits during nighttime will cause you to find only glowworm baits instead.

Other ways to find Nightcrawler Bait

Although looking for this crafting item by interacting with flints is most likely your best bet, there are other ways to find it in the game.

Chances are, you might receive some baits when going through provision crates or provision stockpiles.

Learning Where To Find Crafting Items

The items of the game do let you know how to find them. You just have to check what they say in their description. However, to check that, you first need to have at least one of those items in your inventory.

If that is the case and, for instance, you have a glowworm bait, but you don’t know where to find more, this is quite simple to solve.

Open your inventory by hitting the Tab key, then hover your mouse cursor over the item that you want to get more of. Once you do it, more information about that item should show up on your screen.

If you’re doing it with the nightcrawler bait, you will see it says:

  • Fishing Bait. Gives a medium boost to chance of catching better fish in salt water.
  • Type: Resource
  • Class: Bait
  • Derived from: Flint, Day

So the “Delivered From” part is all you need to know in this case. It says, “Flint, Day.” 

This means you can find nightcrawler baits when collecting flints, but only during the day. Other items might have something similar to say, like “Flint, Night,” like the glowworm bait, or even “Bush, Day.”

Make sure to check that whenever you need to know where to find a crafting item if you get it from a crate or somewhere else.

Final Thoughts

Finding bait might be weird at first because you cannot go for them directly. You must collect other items and hope they will come with the bait you want.

Still, the whole procedure is pretty simple, and chances are you will gain some of those crafting items when collecting something else. If that is the case and you don’t remember what you were collecting when you got that, you can just do as we showed you before to know where to find the resource that you want.

New World didn’t make crafting too complicated, and the menu itself will help you realize how to get certain ingredients. The rest should be easy to figure out.