New World has items made out of Iron, Steel, Gold, Silver and even items made from magical minerals that you might find throughout Aeternum.

Although it’s considered a Common Material, Platinum Ore is one of the most important ores that can be mined in New World when you’re near the late game. In order to get Platinum Ore from its proper node, your Mining Level must be at 110.

If you need some Platinum Ingots and don’t know where to find Platinum Ore in New World, this guide is precisely what you are looking for.

Mine Platinum Ores From Platinum Veins

The resource node from where you can mine Platinum Ore is called Platinum Vein, and they’re not that hard to find.

Once your Mining skill reaches level 135, you can also track Platinum Veins, making it significantly easier for you to mine the mineral.

On top of that, Platinum Ores can sometimes grant you Tier III and Tier IV Raw Gemstones when you mine them. You might even get a Sparkmetal, but it significantly depends on your character’s Miner’s Luck.

If you’re looking for a way to level up Mining fast in New World, gathering Platinum might help since a medium vein provides 394 Mining Experience Points and a large one provides 591 Mining Experience Points.

Where to Find Platinum Veins

Although Platinum Veins are only abundant in the late game areas, it doesn’t mean you have to go there in order to gather Platinum Ore. However, the best way to mine Platinum Veins might depend on which area you can safely visit.

You will find some nodes that you can mind on the mountains to the East and West of Brightwood Town. The one on the west will be to the South of Corlew’s Mine.

There’s also a significant amount of Platinum Veins on the colossal mountain next to Ebonscale Town. About three are on the ground within the Mountain Area. The rest can only be found if you climb it and look for them.

There are also three nodes on the Mountain of the Valle Tempus, to the Southeast of Everfall Town.

If your character level is really low, there are a couple of Platinum Veins that you can find in a Starting Area to the north of the Firstlight Settlement, near Letum’s Pick.

These are the most significant places where you can look for nodes and get Platinum Ore from when you are at a lower level. Once you are near level 60, you can check some other areas with lots of Platinum Veins for you to mine.

For instance, the Mountains to the Northwest of Reekwater Town have about 20 Platinum Veins. Once you get to that point, it might not be a bad idea to mine all the Platinum that you can get and sell some. And if you ever wanted to know where to find gold in New World, the mountain to the north of this one has many Gold Veins.

In the northern territories, you will find a considerable number of Platinum Veins to the south of the Lake in Edengrove, and many others surrounding Mountain Home in the northwest — especially in the mines near it.

So once you need to go mining for Platinum Ore, make sure that you direct yourself to the safest and closest area and start hitting those mineral veins.

The nodes where you can get Platinum Ores to respawn in between 20 to 25 minutes, and they are often near other minerals, so you might be able to keep farming them when circling an area that has many nodes.

Buy Platinum Ores At The Trading Post

Players should always remember that the Trading Post is an option to find the items that they want. And in the case of Platinum Ore, trading posts of areas that have many nodes to be mined might have them at a lower cost.

Platinum Ore might not be that expensive, really, but the same cannot be said about things that can be made out of it. So do your research and check if Mining is worth your time. It might not be in case you only need a couple of ores to finish your recipe.

What Is Platinum Used For?

Platinum Ore is made to craft Platinum Ingot. To make the Ingot, you need to have your Smelting skill at Level 100, and you also need a Tier 5 or higher Smelter. These are the ingredients that you need:

  • 6x Platinum Ore
  • 2x Gold Ore
  • 1x Flux

Platinum Ingot can also be found in Treasure Chests. It can be used in Jewelcrafting, Weaponsmithing, Engineering, and even Arcana, which is why this is a valuable resource even though it is not rare.

It is important to note that all of the crafting recipes that use Platinum Ore also require your crafting skill to be at level 100 or higher.

Some of the best items that require Platinum Ingots to be made are the Brine of the Frosty Shore, the Shield of Suppression, and the Tearsteal Rapier.