This is one of the epic alchemy resources that are very tricky to find in the New World. You only get one near the starting point and drops can be very scarce. It can be quite challenging to gather the proper amount for your Arcana items.

Luckily, you will not need a ton of this resource since there are only limited uses for it. You also do not need any skills to pick these up as it is easily harvestable once you see them.

This guide will show you where to get Spinefish Fins in New World and teach you some of its applications in the game.

What Are Spinefish Fins Used For?

The Tier V resource is gathered from Floating Spinefish, which usually drop the Tier II Water Motes then are mostly used for crafting Water Arcana.

It also serves as a crafting material for Armoring, Stone Cutting, and Furnishing trade skills, so going after Floating Spinefish can be rewarding even if you don’t always get the Fins.

Still, taking some additional time to get the elusive alchemy resource can be rewarding as you can craft some powerful items with it and boost your skills and level up along the way.

Although it’s not hard to gather Floating Spinefish, Spinefish Fins are classified as both Water and Protective Tier V Reagent, which makes them an important part of various high-skill Arcana concoctions.

There are more than 20 items that include Spinefish Fins in their recipes, with the majority of them being powerful potions, with some tinctures and coatings in the mix too.

They span from some of the highest skill level items such as Infused Beast Ward Potion or Powerful Ancient Ward Potion to more usual ones like Common Corrupted Coating and Common Corruption Tincture.

If your Arcana skill level is high enough, you can start leveling your Arcana skill through this reagent.

Best Spinefish Fins Farming Spots

Places where Floating Spinefish spawn are scattered across the New World, but there are some areas that have a higher concentration and make it easier for the drops to occur, in exchange for some tougher battles.

One of the biggest opportunities for gathering Spinefish Fins is the route around Reekwater Town, north and south of the settlement. Even though it may be tempting, this is a challenging area and some very strong monsters can be found near it.

If you stray too far south you can encounter beasts such as the level 66 Siren’s Dog, while the northern part can surprise you with the likes of Ironcast Ingvald.

Similar goes for the next two spots that are rich with Floating Spinefish – areas near Ebonscale Reach Town and Mountainrise surroundings.

The former can be more forgiving, especially if you take a trip northeast of the settlement, but there are also some spawns further east. As for the latter, there are multiple spawns just outside of the settlement to the east, but go prepared.

As for those looking for an easier task, you can also find Floating Spinefish in the area below Windsward and just beside the Eldergate, but with the lower challenge also come fewer chances to get a substantial amount of Spinefish Fins.

You can come across some more spawns as you go toward First Light Town, but going there just for this resource is probably not worth it.