Issues with the power supply are some of the most common problems that Xbox owners face. While these problems can sometimes mean that your console is dead, they require a quick fix in most cases.

There can be multiple reasons why your Xbox power supply is not acting as it should. Luckily, chances are that the issue resides in the power supply itself and not the entire console.

Here, we take a look a why your Xbox power supply turns off when plugged into the console. We also explore multiple solutions that you can try one by one until you fix the issue completely.

Why Does the Xbox Power Supply Malfunction?

The most common reason for the power supply turning off when it is plugged into the console is a problem with the power supply itself. Luckily, there is a status indicator LED light that can be used to diagnose the issue to a reasonable extent.

For example, if the light turns on when your power supply is plugged into an outlet (and is not plugged into the console) but turns off when plugged into the console, it is most likely a PSU issue.

If the light on the power supply is orange when not plugged into the console but flashes white once plugged in, chances are that there is a short circuit within the power supply.

How to Fix the Xbox Power Supply Turning Off

Unfortunately, the status light will only indicate you to what the problem could be. It is almost impossible to know for certain what the problem is without opening the power supply up.

Luckily, consoles are beginning to adopt some of the better features of PC gaming nowadays. One of those features is having increased modularity, with a lot of replaceable parts. It is even possible to connect your console to a Bluetooth gaming chair.

Let’s go through a few ways you can troubleshoot the problem with your Xbox power supply turning off when it is plugged into a console.

Hard Reset the Power Supply

This is the first action you should take. During a hard reset, any electricity still left in your Xbox power supply is drained from the component. We know that ‘Have you turned it off and on again?’ is a common adage in the world of technology, but it often works.

Hard resetting the power supply is easy. First, connect the power supply to both the wall outlet and the Xbox. Now, disconnect the power supply from the wall outlet but keep it plugged into your Xbox.

After this, you need to press the ‘X’ button on your Xbox to turn on your console. Obviously, your console will not turn on, but it will drain any excess electricity in your power supply. Press the button a few times over the course of thirty seconds or so to make sure that all of the excess electricity is gone.

Now, plug the power supply back into the socket and turn on your console. There is a decent chance that your console will now function as normal. If it doesn’t, read on.

Clean the Power Supply

The next step is to clean the power supply. Unless you have prior experience with Xbox power supplies, you should not open the supply up. What you need to do is to clean the dust both on the inside and outside of the supply.

This can be done with a can of compressed air. Spray the can onto the power supply and make sure that you get as much of the dirt out of the supply as possible. Then, plug it into your console and see if the light turns on.

Try an Alternate Power Supply

If your power supply still is not working properly, it might be time to determine whether your PSU is to blame or your console. The easiest way to do that is to try a different power supply and see if it works properly.

You can use a power supply from a friend’s Xbox (make sure it is the same Xbox model, as the power supplies for different models are often unique). You can also take your Xbox to a nearby shop that sells gaming consoles and other gaming equipment. Chances are that they will have a different power supply available for you to try on your console.

If your console works fine with another power supply, you can order a new power supply either from a store or online. Power supplies are not covered under a warranty from Microsoft. They are, however, quite cheap. As such, they won’t leave a gaping hole in your pocket.

Try Repairing or Replacing Your Console

If nothing has worked so far, chances are that your console is at fault rather than the power supply. Here, you only have a few options, all of which will leave a gaping hole in your pocket.

If your console is still under warranty, you can send it back to Microsoft for a replacement or repair. Otherwise, you can take it to an unauthorized repair shop where they can try to fix the issue (do this at your own risk).

If that doesn’t work, then you have no choice but to replace your console as a last resort.