The observer is a redstone component block that is used to detect changes in front of them. Depending on what changes they will send out redstone signals down redstone dust and to other components.

It is a very useful block to have and use in your redstone builds, because it’s got many different uses.

In this article we will teach you how to craft an observer and how to use it in redstone circutry.

Minecraft Observer Recipe

  • 6 cobblestone blocks
  • 2 redstone dust
  • 1 quartz

This recipe that you see below will be enough to create a single observer.

Other than redstone, which can be found deeper down in caves in the world, you’ll also need quartz. This ore can be only found in the nether which you can access through a nether portal.

You can find nether quartz similarly to other ores, imbedded in the netherrack that can be found everywhere in the realm.

When you have all of your ingredients, arrange them like they are in the image below:

How to Use an Observer

An observer is a redstone component, just like pistons are. It is mainly used in different types of redstone circutry.

When placed down you can see “eyes” on the block. These eyes “observe” whatever block is directly in front of the observer, searching for any changes to that particular block.

If there is no block, the observer instead detects one when it is placed down.

The observer will detect any kind of change to the blocks in front of it. From an anvil slowly becoming chipped away to crops changing through their stages of growth.

The observer will not react to a player passing by in front of it or to any other mobs, meaning it is safe to pass by one without activating it.

When the observer detects a change in front of it it’ll give out a redstone pulse.

This redstone pulse will be 15 levels strong and it can be used to power other redstone blocks as well as send the pulse through redstone dust elsewhere.

This is a strong redstone signal that can be very useful in making all kinds of automatic builds. From an automatic farm that could harvest itself to a safety mechanism that you can build in case any intruders try to enter your base and break it down.

One of the coolest builds of all is definitely a flying machine!

Bedrock flying machine

There are plenty of other ideas out there for different observer builds that you can try out and have fun with.

The observer is also compatible with note blocks. If it is placed directly under one it will make the note block produce a low bass drum sound when interacted with.

What to do Next

Now that you have grasped how to use observers, you’re ready to try out some other fun redstone builds.

Redstone can be very useful when creating an automatic hidden door for your base. Other than using redstone to protect your loot inside, you can use redstone mechanisms to completely hide the entrance to your base.

In our article we will give you some ideas on how to create a basic hidden entrance and you can use your knowledge of redstone and observers to possibly expand it.