A fence is a block used as a barrier to protect and close off certain areas in Minecraft. They can’t be jumped over by mobs and are often used when defending a base.

Making them is essential for protecting your base, but also very useful in decorating.

Here’s how to make a very basic and simple fence in the Minecraft early game.

Wooden Fence Recipe

  • 2 sticks
  • 4 wooden plank blocks

The recipe for regular wooden fences is pretty simple and uses some of the most basic items in the game. This allows you to craft it quite early on.

This recipe is enough for 3 fences.

You can make the wooden fence out of any type of wood.

When crafting, make sure that all the wooden plank blocks match in order to make the fence. You can’t mix the wood types.

Arrange like you see them in the image above.

Nether Brick Fence Recipe

  • 2 nether bricks
  • 4 nether brick blocks

Despite a nether brick fence looking the same as a wooden one, it has a slightly different recipe.

To craft it you have to use quite a few nether bricks, both to make the blocks and in the base recipe.

Luckily, the recipe grants you 6 fences, rather than just 3.

To make the fence, arrange it like you see in the image above.

Finding Fences

Fences can spawn all over the world and can be found practically everywhere. The fence you find will depend both on the biome, but also on the structure. Fences spawn in most structures in Minecraft.

Every village type will have a fence that matches its scheme. This means:

  • taiga villages have spruce fences
  • savanna villages have acacia fences
  • plains villages have oak fences

The only exception will be birch fences, which spawn in woodland mansions.

Many of the different types of fences can be found in shipwrecks around or in large bodies of water.

However, the nether brick fence can only be found in the nether as part of the Nether Fortress. There they fence out balconies and are used as parts of the windows.

How to Use Fences

Fences are a type of block that, just like stairs, immediately connect to each other.

Even if you are placing different versions of fences near each, they will still connect.

Fences can connect when placed near each other including angles. They will also connect to any solid blocks placed near them, as well as wooden gates.

The exception is, again, nether brick fences. They do not collect to regular wood fences and can only be connected to each other.

The nether brick fences also don’t have a gate version, but they can connect to other wooden gates.

Now the main way people use fences is to keep certain mobs in or out.

Other than spiders, no mobs can climb or jump onto a fence, including the player. Because of their design, mobs can see you through it.

In the case of skeletons they can shoot over the fence. A way of battling that is simply making the fence taller.

What to Do Next

The look of a plain fence surrounding your base and builds may be rather boring to look at. If you have the materials and time, you can spice it up.

Why not look at some unique wall designs to make your build more interesting? They’re simple to create and can match a lot of different aesthetics.