Scaffolding is a useful block that can be used as an alternative to ladders in Minecraft. It is a great aid when it comes to building.

It helps you get to some of the harder to reach areas by climbing the blocks easily.

Once you have found the jungle biome and gotten your hands on the main ingredients for this block it’ll be very easy to make it and use it.

In this article we will show you how to make scaffolding in Minecraft.

Minecraft Scaffolding Recipe

  • 6 bamboo
  • 1 string

Bamboo is the main ingredient when making scaffolding and you will need a good amount of it before you start crafting.

Luckily, once you have a single piece of bamboo it is very easy to grow a lot more of it.

You can get string as a drop from killing spiders.

Overall this recipe is enough to grant you 6 scaffolding, but you may need a fair amount more than that, depending on your build.

To build scaffolding, arrange the ingredients like you see in the image below.

Minecraft Scaffolding Recipe

How to Place and Use Scaffolding

Scaffolding is meant to be used on the sides of large builds, allowing players a safe way to climb around without the risk of falling.

Unlike ladders which can only be placed vertically on walls, scaffolding can be placed almost anywhere. They can also be stacked together horizontally and vertically.

Scaffolding can also be placed in water without being destroyed.

If you play on Java you can also place scaffolding in lava without it being destroyed, but on Bedrock edition the lava will destroy it the same as fire would.

Scaffolding Placement

To stack scaffolding on top of each other you just have to right click on the bottom-most block.

You can be on the ground while stacking a tall tower of scaffolding.

You can also place scaffolding on the side of itself by right clicking on the top of the scaffolding, which will place the next piece on the side, depending on where you are facing.

When placing scaffolding vertically, you can only place 6 total blocks horizontally in the air without support. Placing down more than that will cause the scaffolding to fall down to the ground where it’ll continue stacking.

If the scaffolding falls onto something it can’t be placed on, it’ll drop as an item you can pick up.

Minecraft Scaffolding Fall

To climb the scaffolding you simply have to “enter” the block and hold space or sneak to climb up and down, respectively. This is why having scaffolding is valuable when building.

It is important to know that, unlike vines or ladders, if you jump down onto scaffolding you will not go through it. Instead you will land on the top most block and likely take fall damage, rather than have your fall cushioned.

To destroy scaffolding you only need to destroy the bottom-most blocks.

When destroying those the scaffolding will fall just like bamboo, allowing you to easily collect it all back up.

What to Do Next

Now that you have your scaffolding ready you can safely build some of the taller builds you may have in mind.

Building a treehouse is much safer when you have scaffolding to help you reach the top of trees and prevent you from falling to your death.