Item frames are decorative items like paintings that you can hang on your wall and use to decorate your home with.

They can also be very useful in organizing your storage, marking things around your base, or even using them to navigate through the world.

In this article we will show you how to make and use item frames and how to make their other variation, the glow item frame.

Minecraft Item Frame Recipe

  • 8 sticks
  • 1 leather

To get 8 sticks is pretty useful if you have been building your basic tools, but getting a lot of leather can be a bit tricky at times.

Leather is dropped by larger animals: cows (and their mooshroom variants), llamas, donkeys, and mules. Usually, they drop 0-2 leather, so it can be a matter of luck before you get a single one. It’s best to have a cow farm to stock up on leather.

You can increase the chances of leather dropping by using sword enchantments.

Fishing is another way to get leather.

Minecraft Glow Item Frame Recipe

  • 1 item frame
  • 1 glow ink sac

Once you have your item frame ready, you can combine it with a glow ink sac to turn it into a glow item frame. This item frame will emit a bit of light when placed down into the world.

To find glow ink sacs, you’ll first have to find glow squid. They can usually be found at lower Y levels, in ocean depths or even in underwater caves.

How to Use Item Frames

Regardless of the type of frame you have, they all work the same when it comes to placing and using them.

To place an item frame, equip it and right-click to hang it up on a wall. Unlike a painting, item frames only take up a single block of space and their size does not randomize.

Then, equip an item or block that you wish to put inside the frame and click on it.

This will place that item inside the frame. You can continue right-clicking on the item to rotate it in different directions. This is a small detail that comes in handy when decorating.

To remove an item from an item frame you have to hit it and then you can replace it.

Item frames are best used for organizing storage. They can be placed directly on chests by crouching and clicking on them. That way you can label what is in which chest.

You can also use them just for decoration or for navigation.

Placing glowing item frames along paths is a good way to mark where you have to go.

The glow can be seen at night so you can easily find them, while an item inside the frame points you in the direction you must go.

What to do Next

If you’re looking for what else you could be using your item frames for, consider looking at our furniture building guide.

This guide helps teach you how to build furniture and decorate your builds. Item frames can be perfect additions to some of these and can really help bring life to your builds.