An ender chest is a storage block that, at first glance, may seem like a regular chest. Though, other than its green color and fancy particles, it is nothing like a regular chest.

It is a type of chest that connects to other chests like it, allowing you to store your loot in a very safe way.

In this article we will show you how to make an ender chest in Minecraft and use it.

Minecraft Ender Chest Recipe

  • 8 obsidian blocks
  • 1 eye of ender

These are the two main ingredients for an ender chest. By now you likely know how to get obsidian, but an eye of ender may be a bit trickier.

These items are needed overall to help you progress in the game.

To make one you need to combine an ender pearl with blaze powder.

Then when you have your ingredients, arrange them in the pattern you see below.

Finding an Ender Chest

An ender chest can only be found in the End City in certain treasure rooms.

Here they spawn as a single chest beside a regular chest that usually holds typical End City loot.

This is also where you are likely to find an elytra, a very rare clothing piece. Usually it is guarded by shulkers.

The ender chest can be harvested by using any type of pickaxe.

How to Use

An ender chest has 27 inventory slots inside it, which is equal to a single chest or a barrel.

Though the interesting thing that makes it unique is the fact that each ender chest is completely unique for each player.

Each chest is separate for each player. What one player places in their ender chest will not be seen or available for any other player in the same world. This is the safest way to store and protect your loot from others.

Every ender chest is also connected to each other.

Accessing any ender chest in any dimension will show you the same loot you have placed in the original one.

Even if you die or destroy every last ender chest, once you make another one and place it down you will have access to those same items. With an ender chest no item can ever be truly lost or destroyed.

This is why an ender chest is the most popular storage option in many multiplayer servers.

The chest can also not be moved by a piston or pulled by sticky pistons.

They also do not interact with typical redstone components, like hoppers, comparators or droppers.

What to Do Next

Now that you have a handle on the ender chest, you may want to explore the other types of storage Minecraft has to offer.

Another fun to use storage type is a shulker box, which allows you to transport your storage in greater quantities. When destroyed it does not drop your items, allowing you to use it like a bag.

It is the perfect block to craft, because you can place a shulker box full of items into ender chests for safe keeping.